Neutral ph soap


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I am looking for a soap that I don't have to worry about drying on customers pickups. I have several small fleets that I wash that the owner wants me to also wash there personal rig. I am currently using my "truck wash" on them but I know when the temps start to rise this spring/summer that will be a issue.


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Maybe neutral wasn't the best description. Looking for something that is not highly caustic and will rinse easy after accidentally drying on a painted surface.

Russ Johnson

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I've heard that STW75 can be allowed to dry on trucks.

I can't honestly say if my Big Red can be left to dry. It is non-caustic.

We don't recommend allowing soap to dry on any surface, but I realize that sometimes it's almost inevitable.


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that stw 75 isnt bad soap. thats the only one ive ever had anyone say it could dry on the trucks.

Good soap and very cost effective but terrible to work with. First of all it's powder which was always hard to dissolve...which leads to the second problem of constantly clogging up my injectors. I even had it get stopped up in my injector line before somehow.
Never any problems using a liquid product.


I had used STW-75C for years with no problems at all, everything dissolved all the time but I don't put too much in there, that might cause some to not mix.

The soap is a great soap, not sure of the cost now but it did a great job on trucks, trailers, cars and pickup trucks each time.

Right now I am washing harder to clean rigs so I use a stronger soap than the STW-75C, if I went back and did the other types of fleets I would buy that soap again and use it.