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    Heather's Cancer Struggles

    Hi y'all, This about a dear sweet girl who went to High School with me. I have not seen her in many moons.Prob since we graduated in Jacksonville Florida. She is really having a tough time and needs support to help her and her children. Her Momorganized this fund raising to help her keep her...
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    Check out my Uncles Dodge Ram in the flood aftermath.

    Lake Sampson Starke Florida. They live on the lake and it was bad. On top of this the stint they impanted in my uncles throat before actually dislodged and got stuck in his intestine which called for aemergency visit which led to being hospitalized and emergency surgery.
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    Check out this strange dealing I had today with a homeowner.

    Today we went to power wash a home for a customer who wanted their vinyl and stone surfaces cleaned. We explained the process of low pressure and allowing our detergents to do the actual cleaning. We actually had a painting project after this job so we wore our paint clothes. The other day our...
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    Deck Staining Hamburg Pa

    We performed a Roof Cleaning a well as Deck Staining in Hamburg Pa for these homeowners. Notice the big change in those shingles and decking.
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    Painting In Reading Pa

    If it were not for offering my Pressure Washing Services in Reading Pa, I would not have had the opportunity to perform this House Painting in Reading Pa. It was a very tight fit for any type of work to be performed, but we completed it. Sorry for the camera angles, but it was a work to even get...
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    Deck Cleaning in Shillington Pa - Deck staining in Shillington Pa

    Colonial Power Washing and Painting performed this Deck Cleaning in Shillington Pa just this past week for repeat customers. This was originally a house rental of theirs that they recently decided to move in themselves, so they wanted the extra touches provided before they took up residence. As...
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    Deck Cleaning In Morgantown Pa

    Deck Cleaning In Morgantown Pa
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    Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing Reading Pa

    Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing Reading Pa   Call Colonial Power Washing and Painting at 484-334-1311 <dir>Roof Cleaning Reading Pa Roof Washing Reading Pa Power Washing Reading Pa Pressure Washing Reading Pa Deck Cleaning Reading Pa Deck Washing Reading Pa Deck Staining Reading Pa...
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    Composite Deck Cleaning - Composite Deck Washing - Morgantown Pa

    We performed this Composite Deck Cleaning in Morgantown Pa just in the nick of time for this families Memorial Day celebration. They celebrated alittle early when they saw the results. When we came to the property the mold on this deck looked lime green and was festering on the entire deck...
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    Stone Power Washing and Concrete Cleaning in Layfayette Hill Pa, Montgomery County

    Power Washing in Layfayette Hill Pa, Montgomery County for Stone and concrete Surfaces.
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    Pressure Washing - Power Washing Morgantown Pa Colonial Power Washing and Painting

    <center> We only use Safe-Low Pressure applications on all of the surfaces of homes we clean! This homeowner in Morgatown Pa hired Colonial POWER WASHING and PAINTING to perform a few exterior cleaning projects this day. The green mold was allover the vinyl siding. If you notice the...
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    Real Alterations

    A photo from a friend ofmine from my home town of Jacksonville, Fl. Sorry I could notmake it bigger. She works as areal estate agent on the second floor and cameto work seeing this. I couldnot believe it ran into a alterations place. Seems that the lady wanted to help out. No one injured...
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    Keep a watch on your kids!!!

    Imagine this for a pet. Its dangerous in my home state! I know they get this big. WAYYYYYYYYY back when I was like 16 or so I was on a little place called Fleming Island in Orange Park Florida. This was before Eagle Harbor was developed and country folk owned everything. Well, my...
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    Interior House Painting Reading PA - House Painters Reading PA

    Interior House Painting Reading PA - House Painters Reading PA We have recently taken on some painting projects with a investor that wants to step out of the box and stop following the leader. We have showed them that hiring a House Painting contractor to professionally paint their homes...
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    This is what you g when you mess with a mans woman!

    Thugs get owned and good for the couple...