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    Ty has done it again! Website Live

    Ty did such a great job on my logo, I decided to go ahead and get him to do my website. Very pleased with the whole process, Ty is the type of guy I like to do business with. He does what he says he's going to do. Well here it is Feel free to check it out and...
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    New Logo Design by Ty

    Ty hooked me up with this new logo, couldn't be happier with how everything went, highly recommend him for all your logo and website needs.
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    Church steeple Pics

    Well finished my first church, thanks Pat for all your advise!
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    Help with oil plug

    Hey guys, had a tire blow out and the oil plug on my cat pump somehow came out, I have know idea what size to go back with I tried a 1 inch and 1 and 1/4 inch plug and it's between there. Might even be metric, I'll try to post some pics. Thanks
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    Weirdest Job so far! Bats and groundhog

    So go to my first house this morning and everything seems perfectly normal at first. I do a walk around and notice a groundhog in a cage in the backyard. He startles me and gives me a mean look, I ask the lady if she know there's a groundhog in a cage in her back yard, she says she just caught...
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    Elemonator house wash review

    Well I finally got around to using elemonator today, and I must say I was very impressed. Compared to simple cherry I felt like it had more cling, and covered the sh smell very well. I put it to the test with some heavy Algae and it had no problem removing it.
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    Hood cleaning

    Had a restruant contact me about hood cleaning and I said I currently don't offer that but would be interested down the road. He said why not get some practice with there's, I currently clean the sidewalks for this company and he's given me the opportunity to see what this is all about. So where...
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    Logging machine cleaning

    Got a call to come look at a logging machine last night, guy wants the radiator and pans cleaned. What do y'all think is the best way to go about this, I was thinking heat, with low pressure but I could be way off, thanks
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    My experience with Southside Equipment(Russ Johnson)

    Other day my unloader goes out, I called a local shop and they told me to bring it by because they had no idea what I was talking about. I go by there just to be told that they can't help me because they don't work on industrial pressure washers. I call Russ and he immediately knows exactly what...
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    Unloader conversion

    Hey guys got my new unloader in and now it's time to figure out how to go from one to the other, ill try to post some pics. Thanks
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    Removing Concrete Stain

    What's the best chemical for removing concrete stain, and how to apply it. Did a quick search but couldn't find much, helping a friend put it down and remove it. Thanks Guys
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    Pressure washer cuts off when I let go of trigger!

    Hey guys my pressure washer just shuts off when I let go of trigger after a few seconds, I'm thinking of unloader problem cause water is spraying everywhere out of unloader? Thanks
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    Lets talk winter time

    What add on services do you guys offer for winter time. Also just add on services in general. Things are going great now but time to start preparing. Thanks
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    Hot water temperature

    When using hot water for residential siding and decks, what tempatures do you like to use. Thanks
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    What to use on painted wood

    Lady wants her house pressured washed and I've never done wood paneling before. Is it safe to use house wash, or use some deck cleaner.