Weirdest Job so far! Bats and groundhog

So go to my first house this morning and everything seems perfectly normal at first. I do a walk around and notice a groundhog in a cage in the backyard.
He startles me and gives me a mean look, I ask the lady if she know there's a groundhog in a cage in her back yard, she says she just caught it overnight and ask me if I would like to take him home to eat him. No thanks, that's not part of my diet lol! So start pressure washing thinking that sure was weird then I hit the peak of the house were the vent is and I bet over 30 bats fly out, wow this is crazy, I ask lady do you know you have bats in your attic, she says of course they take care of all the bugs around here. Now I'm a little freaked out and hurry to finish the job, see something new everyday don't we? What's yours?