Pro-Powerwash Pressure Washing restaurants Currently in the Phoenix & Tucson Metro Areas, we provide Great Reliable Exterior Cleaning for Many reasons.


1.We reduce Slip & Fall Chances to Employees & Consumers.
2. We help reduce Bacteria that Breeds Pests.
3. Improve your curb appeal to be more attractive to the consumer.
4. Help you keep up to date with Environmental Standards. (NRA)
5. We keep up on safe Products to use around food preparation.
6. We can reduce and Often eliminate Odors.
Our On time records to maintain the levels by your corporate standards, Local CDC & Health department are top on our list.
We can assure that in a moments notice Our part of the cleaning will not Let you down. We have prided our business in keeping your place safe at all times.
Continued Training in our Industry through the National Association