Worker Comp rate increases over the years


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My insurance carrier has me divide my employee's labor between Roofing (ie roof cleaning) and Janitorial (ie everything else). I first had an employee in 2011. Here are my rates ($ premium per $100 in gross payroll) over the years and the percentage increase compared to the previous year. Note...I have never had a claim and my gross payroll has gone up every year yet my rates have more than doubled over these years. (so much for good customer and volume discounts!).

yearJanitorial% increaseRoofing% increase

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What is everyone currently paying for work comp? I'm class code 9170 and my rate is $16.30 per 100. If anyone is significantly better than that I'd love to know your carrier.
Thats pretty normal. If your guys work overtime pay it in cash and save you and them money. Paying comp sucks.
$14.37 for 9170 and $4.60 for 9014. $8.20 for roof shoveling. I run three codes and I split them up when I use them, but I mostly use the 9014.
If you make money from it, does it cost you anything????

Makes it harder to compete. My insurances cost me $3 per hour of my operating costs. the more I pay for expenses the higher my rates need to be, and that may be costing me jobs, which in the long run cost me money.
If you make money from it, does it cost you anything????

Even things that make you money do have a cost. But insurance doesn't make you protects you from loss. Work comp claims can be huge and literally last a lifetime, but the difference between paying $16/100 vs $10/100 is $6000 out of pocket every year if my payroll is $100k.
Comp can definitely be a hassle in Pressure Washing, especially once you cross into guys getting on the roof. It takes you from having multiple options for coverage to very few that will take it on, and because of that they have the market sort of cornered. I work on the pressure washing companies behalf to navigate that arena and shop out the comp/payroll. I have access to 30+ PEO/Employee Leasing markets in which most will find themselves having to go to in this industry. The standard work comp market is consistently tightening their grip on what they are willing to cover. I'd be happy to help at least see if your current PEO or option is charging at the best rate. I can generally push for discounts up to 20%.