What About This Surface Cleaner?


HEy Ash I had a blue one along time ago I bought it because it was small ( like 12inches) It worked ok then I ran hot water thru it and the swivel went out in about 2 min..I like the Stainless steel one but I did not know about them that much... Something sad to say about the surface cleaner industry though is that my homemade unit with the masmatic swivel has lasted me almost 4 years and I only had to replace the swivel once.. The whole thing including swivel cost me about 300.00 to build.. The Swivels are mosmatic Carbide swivels.. I had thought about having a stainless steel top made for mine, but I am not sure... Also we get to try out the vac attachment that I built this Monday night at Olive Garden we are going to be cleaning there interior front entrance tile and around the bar area .. I am going to go and play a little today and make sure everythin is working smooth.. I hope to get some good video..


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