Water filters ?????


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I am a little confuse by the Type of water filter needed for pressure washers. Are we talking screens ? Or an actual filter ? And if so what type ? I have recently purchased a Landa PGHW5-35321E along with the 325gal tank( I know too small but need to keep the weight down) and am installing both in the truck this weekend, God willing and my girlfriend dosnt gripe too much. Scot says.......2" line from the tank too the PW...is this really needed or is this over kill ? Rick


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Screen type, you unscrew it daily and clean it out. The deeper the better is how I see it.

Would post picture but still after all this time cannot get the darn thing small enough.

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Hey Jon,
I am a computer Idiot. I had a digital camara for a year before I figured out how to use it. Believe it or not it is pretty easy to make your picture smaller, larger or whatever size you want.

Just go into were you have your picture stored. Pop it up. Then go into Image which should be up top to the left. Then after you pressed Image, go to resize and press that. The size of your picture will post. You can make it any size you want once you get this far.

For this bb I think Your total Pixels cant be larger then 104,000 bytes. Take those #'s that you see about the size of your picture and multiply them with each other. The answer will probably be much larger then the 104,000 allowed here. Just adjust your picture accordingly.

It pretty easy believe me because I can do it... ;)

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you can use 1" and reduce to 3/4 at the pump
make sure of 3 things
1- that 1 inc hose has to be reinforced so your pump wont suck it closed
2- at the PUMP you install a y to let out any trapped air in the line and its nice to use to fill a bucket ALSO USE IT TO RUN A GARDEN HOSE IF YOU DONT NEED THE TANK FOR A SUPPLY.
3- you install a water filter.


Screen type.

over kill,3/4 is ok.

if she starts griping to much,tell her you'll wash her mouth out when you get everything hooked up.

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I think you will find the 325 tank to be plenty, especially for resdiential work...........I have one too, had to reduce it because of weight, just like you.