Watch your chem ratios! W/ Case Study

The strength of any type of gutter whitener will increase as the outside temps increase. If its really hot out we start with a 3:1 ratio. We use La Awesome also but the Dollar Store carriages are too small.

I get 1/2 gallon jugs at the dollar general. Put it in a fiver and fill halfway with water. That's always plenty for most homes.
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I believe LA's Totally Awsome has done something to their mix maybe dilluted it or something that it doesn't work as effectively as it used to. So yesterday I had this home with awful gutters to do and tried something new. I put 1/2 gallon Awesome and 1/2 Gallon Castrol Super Clean which I feel is stronger than Purple Power. Added a gallon and half or so water and brushed these gutters with a soft brush after I applied my house wash mix. Actually a strong mix I used my modified xjet . I was happy mainly homeowner was thrilled.
The before picture does not really convey how nasty these gutters were. I think in my 6 yearsvof washing these were some of the worst I've seen. But I also attribute some of the luck to I believe these were good gutters with good paint.
Hey Pat. Did you treat the soffits and trim(fascia?) also? Or just the gutters, and the rest got clean with a house wash mix?
The soffits and trim along with the gutters all got a quick strong shot with a house wash mix via my modified xjet. Then I came back and detailed with a regular house wash mix via downstream. The painted wood was nasty. No vinyl on this house. This house was in heavy shade with large trees all around.