Video tour of our trailer

Vince Wood

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Great video Tony. The Y that you have with the 2 garden hoses going into the tank though will eventually fail. Unfortunately I was working out of town recently noticed the pressure was there but the tanks weren't filling up very fast. I switched out everything real quick to 3/4" ball valves.
If your using 2 feeds to the tank why not have them go independently into the tank? I thought it was about volume not pressure. I have found it to work better, need the volume to fill and the "pressure" to clean.
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Here is another thought, run both to the tank, place a t in one of the lines, add a short section of hose with a ball valve and say 12 inch nipple for the buckets, mix tank, washing hand, cooling down and so on. That way u always have feed to the tank, with another way to fill other items.