Twin Pump Soft Wash Generation II- Special sale pricing!

Guy Blackmon

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See thats the really cool part of this roof pump system, if you've never washed a roof you can start out using 1 of the pumps (4.6 gpm) when you get some time in controlling that flow you can tie both pumps together and get 9+ gpm. Or have 2 guys using both pumps, again very versatile.

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Oh yea almost forgot, if 1 pump goes out you've already got a back up ready to go.....pretty cool.

Guy Blackmon

Roundtable Host 2009
When, not we all know they are going to go out.

I think that goes without saying Doug, my point is the advantage of having a backup reducing or eliminating downtime. Not many equipment makers have the foresight to build something that has the multiple operational use advantages like what Paul has built here, and built it to be affordable for the Contractor.

Paul Kassander

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The video shows only the one pump running, the higher flow is rarely used it just creates more runoff on a roof. It would be more for a flat surface where you can move fast or to transfer chemicals.

Thanks everyone for the compliments, thats what the intention was when I built the product. As most all of you know I have a contracting business too so I know what it means to be down. It never happens when you are rolling up the hose at the end of the last job, it is always at 4:45pm Friday when everyone closes and you cant get the parts for your big job Saturday. However I cant really take 100% credit for the system though. Many have given me input and exposed the flaws and problems which explains some of the changes. Without all of their input and patience we would not have been able to develop a better system. I welcome all your comments both good and bad I believe it makes it possible to really develop products the contractors want and need so feel free to call and share.

Ron Musgraves

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Our Holiday WINNER !!!

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Ron Musgraves

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The new one , Very Nice Paul
#5400 Complete Basic system $755.00
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#5401 Deluxe System $1050.00
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Soft Wash Twin Pump System-Green Cleaning at its Best! No Noise- No Pollution – No Damage!
Our custom built system boasts an impressive 4.7 gpm, up to 60 psi per pump, dual pump applicator. Operate with one or two persons or combine pumps for a whopping 9.4 gpm!
With a 0 degree nozzle and 300‘ of 1/2" hose you will have the capability to shoot over 50‘, easily reaching 3 story peaks, no more ladders or wobbly extension poles. Used for roof cleaning, house washing and other chemical application.

Complete Basic System Includes:
• Heavy duty 1/8" aircraft grade aluminum frame
• Dual 4.7 gpm 60 psi pump with Santropene and Viton seals
• Dual 1/2" Inlets with corrosion resistant polypropylene Banjo Cam Lock quick connects
• Dual 40 mesh inlet filtration
• Dual 1/2" Outlets with corrosion resistant polypropylene Banjo Cam Lock quick connects
• Large marine battery box
• 300‘ 1/2" Poly-braid reinforced chemical line
• Plastic body chemical applicator gun with Viton seals
• 4 nozzle holder with #30 and #50 0º, 25º nozzles
• Angle nozzle holder with quick connect
• 20" stainless steel lance with quick connects
• Flojet Accumulator

Deluxe System Includes:
• Titan hose reel with stainless steel plumbing

Sale ends May 31,2012

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