Tile and grout cleaning Milwaukee WI

Paul Kassander

New member
Here is a short video of a recent tile and grout clening we did. Warning in advance some ortions of the video the camera moves fast and is a little shakey. (too much coffee) IT does show the general procedures we use for cleaning however.

Great video Paul.
The Flood Smart is great idea. You are correct about the drains are clogged most of the time, usually from wax.
Nice! That Flood Smart looks like a great idea.
what flow is the PW putting out and how much does the vac pick up per min?

5.6 @3500 psi pressure washer (hot)-operating at about 3000 psi
detailed edges with varible pressure dual lance want to control splash and to avoid getting overly agressive on wall grout.
202cfm vac system with auto pump out feature.