Temperature ? Flat work? Concrete


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I am wondering at what temperature setting/ range is best for concrete, ive been setting the dial at 145 is this too low?


i would say that 145 is better than any temp below it,i am playing with temps also (new to hot water) i would think the hotter the faster. i use 280 degrees with chemicals and havent damaged anything,although i cant tell much difference then using cold water
when cleaning dirt but paint and gum come up much better with heat.


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Green your run your temp at 280°, the boiling point of water is 212° so if your burner runs that hot it would be pure steam.

Tim and Green,

I run between 160° and 180° and find with very very few excpetions that is all the heat you need.

I believe about 3 times have I turned the burner up to 200° and then only for a short time.

If you find that your able to clean it good at 145° stick with it but experiment and go a little higher.

Are you using a surface cleaner first then the wand to rinse and pop off the gum?