Tape to insulate mufflers


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Who sells that extreme heat insulating tape for mufflers that are mounted in vans? We've had three burns in the last week on our crew from reaching for stuff near the mufflers or exhaust pipes of our machines. Rather than redesign my entire layout, I'd like to just wrap everything hot.
I did find some stuff on Amazon called header insulating heat wrap. Doesn't look like it has any adhesive on it and it comes with a couple different temp ratings. Does anyone know what it should be rated for for small engines?
the stuff is like a ace bandage! Go with the highest temp stuff they have! It won't have any adhesive on it. It would just melt. Most bike shops have it as well. I can't imagine a honda gets any hotter than a bike engine.
Go to a motorbike shop and buy an exhaust wrap. It's like a heavy glass fibre course weave tape that you wrap around your exhaust pipe and do the ends off with a worm drive clip. Can't understand why guys put it on their bikes something about keeping the exhaust hot when the bike is running. Looks bloody ugly IMHO.
I use exhaust wrap it in my trailer for a muffler extension I made. Bumped it yesterday after heating engine up to change oil, and no worries. I cannot say I can't get hurt, but I could wrap my hand around it and let go without injury.

I went with stainless zip ties with mine, but like wash-it said, worm clamps would work fine too.