Stupid Phone Calls

John B

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Got a call this morning .. A owner of restaurant that I Had talked to about a year ago.. He had told me that he has his own pressure washer and cleans his own hood. Well anyway he asked me how much it would cost for me to bring my machine to his restaurant and show him the proper way to clean the duct work because he was having trouble getting the duct clean.. He also went on to say that he would be intrested in me cleaning just the duct once a year.. ( They have a chargrill ) ONCE A YEAR HAHAHA..... I told him I would have to clean the whole thing and I would recommend he have the whole thing cleaned every 3 months.

talk about cheap...

He also said the fire inspector had told him to have his fire equipment inspected.He asked me how much .. I told him I would have to come and look at it.. He then said Can I just buy about 10 or 15 tags from you so I can put them on my equipment...
At this point I was about to scream just wanting this nut job to get off the phone. But then it hit me like a ton of bricks ... I said I happen to know the fire inspector in your town real well so I will call him and let him decide what is your best course of action. With this he hung up ...LOL
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He got a stupid call from a silly restauranteur
Said he cleans it himself with his own pressure washer

So how much to show me how to clean the Flue
Johnny bit his lip as he thought F_ _ _ YOU!

Restauranteur wants to hire him only once a year
To clean the duct only, Now that is too queer

Now he needs his fire supression system throughly inspected
I said I need to see it cause it may need to be corrected

Will you let me save some money and sell me the tags
Now I'm really pissed way way beyond mad

Ten minutes on the phone, Now I'm ready to scream!
I've spent better time ringin' me own ding-a-ling

Go Go Johnny Go
Go Go Go Johnny Go
Go Go Go Johnny Go
Go Go Go Johnny Go
Go Johnny B. Hood