Should I do candy bags instead of rock bags?

Paul Kassander

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Magnetic cards with a calender, or sports schedule or... work good also and you can just stick them to the front of most mailboxes. People tend to keep them and slap them on the fridge. Unless they have the high end SS appliances that are not magnetic.


No way would i hire someone that just threw a bag of trash in my front yard. I would think that most of my customers don't cut there own grass either, so the only reason they would actually come out and pick up the bag would be because they thought it was trash that they didn't want in there front yard. I could easily see some pi$$ed off people. You know what they say about how many people a unhappy person will tell vs. a happy one.

You have to be very carefully touching a mailbox too, thats a federal offense.

Best I have ever found is word of mouth from my chambers and rotary. Next would be proximty marketing via a yard sign on a complete job and door hangers and post cards.


Great ideas Paul and Curtis, I have done some of those, need to get back to them, sometimes you get off track and forget things.

There are a lot of good ways to market out there, finding the right one for your company, market and services is the challenge as there are a lot of great ways to market your services.


Griffs Services PowerWash
One method is to contact an HOA and offer to wash a community (visible) item(s) , in exchange for a run in the community paper or maybe a one time mention in the community paper with a professional sign on the washed surface to remain during the season. Show up at community days/events (this could be paid and unpaid)

You can top that by offering to speak at an HOA event, "caring for your deck"........ "what causes ice dam formation" ......."do it yourself home annual inspections".......... carpet cleaners and duct cleaners "effect of indoor air quality on health"...etc...etc
Great ideas. I was just thinking of doing some church stuff. I already have been doing some cleaning at my church. I also get work from the school parents. Word spreads from volunteeing and spend time talking with people. Thanks Nigel


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Just throwing this out here....

Working on marketing ideas and I googled "Rock bag advertising" and the first link listed was this

It is an old site, but apparently some people were so angry at those little bags in their driveway they set up a website to deal with one particular company.

I have seen some contractors swear by the rock bags, and other say they spend money on other marketing methods.

AC Lockyer

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The main point is to come up with something to put in the bags that is more inviting than a rock. I applaud the idea!


Scott D.

Just hope no kids eat and choke on the candy.

Stick to rocks. Just have a nice and big enough flyer to prompt someone to pick it up and not just drive over it.

Scott D.

There's actually not. It works the best in my experience for landing new customers (website excluded). By a long shot too.

Ralph Q

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I just printed up a bunch fliers on 4x6 postcard stock from vistaprint, bright colors and big text, I used ziplock sandwich bags. A bag of pebbles from lowes, with a half a handful, and away you go. I can throw out about 300 in an hour. My first try I got a call before I got to the end of the street.

Scott D.

Do you guys feel you get a better return on rock bags than door hangers? Or maybe even a combination of the both?

A targeted marketing campaign is always going to yield better results than a single tactic. But if you only have budget for 1 thing, and need immediate work, rock fliers (done right) can't be beat.