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There was a post in Pressure washing that asked about samples contracts, which I answered. I also received an e-mail asking for one. So, If anyone is interested, I have a great contract anyone could work off of. If you are interested, post here and I can send it to you. It is too long to just post up on the BB.


I am intersted in your sample contracts. I am bidding on FedEx fleetwashing 100 or so trucks and need a pro. looking contract.
Thank you for your help.

Eric (E-Rock)
E-mail Address

:) :D
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Boy this wound up far more popular than I thought it would be!!

Glad everyone has gotten to benefit!
Out to everyone so far.... If I get too many more requests, I may not have the time to send them out!!
I would like one also please

I would be very grateful if you would send me a sample. I have one of my own but I would like a better one. Please send me one at

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!:D
Count me in. I would be very interested in seeing these contracts that you have. I plan on reworking some of my forms over the winter and any help from you will go a long way.

John/Clean County PW:)


Looks like you might have stuck your foot in your mouth with that offer huh. Didn't think there were that many people out there without a contract or a low quality seeking higher contract Did Ya? VERY NICE OF YOU THOUGH!

Andrew/Safe Clean:cool:
I would have just posted it here, except that it is about 13 pages when all is said and done. Takes up a lot of space!! So far I am keepig up, I am just cutting and pasting the e-mail address' from the page into my e-mail.

By the way, if anyone happens to get two copies of it, don't fret,I just forgot where I had left off!!
Hi Kendra,
Count me in too, if it's not too much trouble....