Roof Cleaning Photos & Post Cards, Post them If you got them!!!!!

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These are a Couple of the Best I have seen!!!!

Doug Rucker

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post card front.jpgPost Card Back.jpg Still tweaking this. Thanks to Keith at KBK Graphx. Really contemplating the Free House Wash PArt. Not sure if I want tohave that in there or not..

Doug Rucker

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That could work too. I just really hate GIVING services away just to make a sale. But here in my areas it is taking a lot of educating the public about roof cleaning. If I do the FREE or 50% off it would be for the house wash only, in other words no flat surfaces, patios etc. We have a pretty good system down where the ground man could be knocking the house out as I am doing the roof so in labor it's not really costing me anything else. I just hate that FREE word. Hec I dont even like the "DISCOUNT" word. But in todays competition and low ballers, sometimes you gotta do watcha gotta do to feed the fam. Bid a large tile roof job the other day and the homeowner told me somebody came in at 1/2 my price.

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These are of a asphalt coated metal barrel tile shingle type roof.I have never seen one other than this one.That I know of.

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Here's an interesting one for ya.


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This is a small Tile Roof Cleaning that we did a few years back in Clearwater FL. This Roof was so black that we had no idea what color it was supossed to be until we started Cleaning it.
Roof Cleaning , Pressure Washing, Pinellas County, Tampa Florida 032.jpgRoof Cleaning , Pressure Washing, Pinellas County, Tampa Florida 033.jpg

This was a beautiful 2 story Tile Roof in Tarpon Springs Florida that had not been Cleaned in many years. You can clearly see the difference as the Cleaning solution is being applied. The roof was restored back to it's natural condition.
Here is another Tile Roof that we Cleaned recently in Palm Harbor Florida. This was a light gray natural Tile Roof that had not been Cleaned in aprox 8-9yrs. The new owners wanted it brought back to life and wanted all of the black mold removed. Again, you can see how the roof Cleaning solution that is being applied is just eating the mold and restoring the Roof to it's natural color. The Homeowners were very happy with the results.



We have cleaned all sorts of roofs around Tampa FL. Shingle, Tile, EPDM, Metal, Rubber, Tar and Gravel, Concrete and PVC Roofs. Here are a few pics.

june 254.jpgjune 265.jpg
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