Roof Cleaning (Non Pressure) Fallston, MD

Great job Eric. Fantastic before and after roof cleaning photo's...I'm sure they were very pleased with the results. I know I would be.


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I have never had luck with realtors. Don't know why!

Neither had I until a realtor gave me some advice on how to work the different realtors and who in each office to work thru. Each week the realtor offices have a sales meeting ask about making a presentation. Take a power point or pictures of all the different work you do along with a box of doughnuts and make a spill to them. Most don't have someone that they recommend for house washing and none have someone that does roof cleaning. They push their clients to improve the curb appeal of their home and there is no better way than to have a house wash and roof cleaning done.

And WOW those are great roof cleaning pictures.