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Paul Freeman

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Last night we had a freeze and we’re going to have another one tonight. My new rig is sitting outside for the time being.

After winterizing the machine last night, I drained the tank but there was still a little water in it, which was ice when I opened the tank at about 1:00 today.

Logically, it doesn’t seem like that little bit of ice would hurt anything but I’m wondering if anybody in the same boat puts something in the tank to prevent it from icing, or do I need to get the wet vac out and get that water out of the tank, or do I just need to calm down?

All input appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I never had that trouble, I drained mine. I had a bit of ice in the line that thawed easy. I have heard of a guy that was going from one site to another on a cold day and his pump froze and cracked because he did not protect it. I don't think I'll have to much to worry about freezing here in VA. I think the cold is over.

Mike Hughes

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Ok......calm down :)

That little bit of water frozen in the tank wont hurt anything, however, it would be a problem if you wanted to wash something.........need to thaw it first. Using a vac to suck it all out would be a good idea to prevent this.

Just take care of that machine!

Paul Freeman

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That's exactly what I did today. I poured a gallon of warm water into the tank, went for a ride around the block, then sucked it dry with the wet vac before I de-winterized the machine.

Thanks for the advise.
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