Pwna Tech Sem. Yes Or No?



Your going to see some things I think you will like. The board is currently working on a project to expand the benefit package. Please be patient. Good things will be happening.

THis is for everyone; I always have an open ear to ideas, problems, concerns, and please don't forget to give a pat on the back to those who deserve it (I am not talking about me.) The guys on the board get the crap beat out of them (verbally.) I think PWNA biggest obstical is communication. The word does not get passed down enough so no one knows what is going on.

Dave thanks for not being afraid to speak your mind.




You covered a few things you rascal. Sorry my fax has been posted wrong 219 area code. I don’t know why other board members post and not come back, maybe they forget or you guys have just scared them away. I would agree with you about the member’s list (at the PWNA web site) not giving the city. I was being lazy one day, not wanting to look through my PWNA books and tried it over the net; I experienced the same problem plus more. Andrew and Mike are working on a solution to totally revamp the web site.

I talked with Andrew today about cost of membership. Like our businesses PWNA needs a certain amount of money coming in to support the operations of the organization throughout the year. Other organizations have lower membership fees because they have associate members who pay big bucks to be a part of the organization. Unfortunately we do not have anyone who wants to pay a few thousand dollars to be an associate. Good questions and input. I hope I answered them to your satisfaction.

Don’t be afraid to give me a call if you want to talk. I don’t promise to have the solutions but I can find an answer.

219-288-7349 (fax)


Jon posted

when and where is the next board meeting? can we attend and see what gos on? are they open meetings?

I do not think the board has open meetings. This is something you will probably need to speak with Mike or Chris or I can do it.

I think the board is concerned there will be too much disruptions if the meetings are open but this is only my guess.

Also how can I change the area code for my fax # I posted it wrong?

Scott Stone

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Go to User CP and the bar on top. Drop down to member profile to the bottom where your phone number is, the signature field, and change it.


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Hey Doc,

I am going to have to ration the beer your drinking, it was not me that asked about the next board meeting but Ron.

I get picked on enough so giving credit where it belongs.

Now watch Ron pounch on me for calling his name to your attention:)