Preventing Chlorine From Killing Plants

The Test still is being written, and we MAY go to seperate certs for different roof types ?
Gotta SEE what our people want first

Makes sense i have yet to see a tile roof up here so certification in cleaning it would be pointless for me . . .. kinda like buying a hunting license for kangaroos
I just hope I can pass the test!! I can drive a car but I don't know if I could pass the exam again!! I will do my best I guess!!


Good one! I have to agree with that one also.:)
I think in Prattville it's 'Papaw-ed In'.
Count me in. I'm in an area with LOTS of need with no compitition trying to get it started. Would love some actual training other than research and trial and error. Would save me at least a year or two learning curve alone for sure. Are you coming to the Myrtle Beach RT? I am planing on going to that for sure.
Chlorine damages cells by releasing free oxygen which combines with cell
proteins causing them to denature. Because the hypochlorite ion forms when
such compounds as sodium hypochlorite (NaoCl; bleach)contact the organic
materials which make up the cell membrane, it is also likely that the
lipoprotein structure is disrupted, causing cytoplasm leakage and killing
the cell. I hope this helps.
Karl J. Roberts, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Prince George's Community College