Pressure Washer Free Commercial Sales Class from The Pressure Washing Institute with Instructor Ron at Pro Power Wash

Understanding the Impact of Demo Videos.
Demonstrating Your Dedication & Commitment to Excellence!

As a contractor you want to build a collection of demo videos. These easy demos can be a Game-Changer for Showcasing your Quality Work. It's your golden opportunity to prove your expertise. Demo videos hold immense importance, especially when you're presenting a higher-priced proposal. They can be your key to opening doors and sealing deals. However, creating an effective demo video entails more than just recording your work.​

Key Considerations for Demos
  1. Precision in Measurement: Correctly Measuring Storefront Sidewalks. You can remotely measure sidewalks using tools like Google Earth or for Apple User App. Accurate measurements are crucial for a professional presentation.
  2. Steady Footage: Use a sturdy, easily maneuverable and reliable Tripod. The Manfroto Tripod, works great for steady and controlled camera movement.
  3. Capturing the Right Shots: Landscapes, Timing, and Composition. When creating your demo video, focus on landscape shots. Always ensuring that the camera remains steady while showcasing surface cleaners in action. Aim for a video duration between 11 to 19 seconds. Starting with 8 seconds on the surface and 4 seconds on the pan. Avoid recording near expansion joints. It may not effectively illustrate the contrast between both sides. Emphasize the canvas, and the lines between sidewalk blocks. Always maintain a central position for optimal contrast. Don't forget to include overhead shots. You can watch Ron's Demo Example Video Here!
  4. Helpful Instructions from Ron: Learning from an Expert. Ron provides valuable insights on how to create compelling demo videos in your sales process. Check out his video "How to Properly Illustrate a Demo in your Sales Process"!
  5. Demo Video Tips: Achieving the Perfect Shot. Begin your demo with a landscape perspective, pause to focus on the surface cleaner, and pull back halfway into the canvas for an effective presentation. Click to view one of the best demo videos.
  6. Understanding Right and Wrong Demos: Essential Insights. Ron's reminder on the do's and don'ts of demo videos. Click on the Link to watch.
  7. Video Resource: Incorporating Hot Water in Pressure Washing. To learn more, consider watching a video on the importance of hot water in pressure washing, specifically focusing on a shopping center in Phoenix, Arizona. You can access and watch the video.
These resources are designed to empower cleaning contractors and pressure washers with the knowledge. Plus adding the necessary skills needed to create compelling demo videos and showcase their expertise effectively.
โœจ The Secrets to Skyrocket Your Cleaning Business!
๐Ÿ’ผ Mastering Commercial Sales Proposals, Pricing Strategies, & Unbeatable Follow-up Tactics!

Pricing Strategy

  1. Understanding Your Costs: Before setting your pricing, it's crucial to understand your production rate and expenses. You should have a clear grasp of your costs to provide your services.
  2. Margins: Determine your desired profit margin. In this class Ron is right by not providing prices for the class. Your margin is unique to your business, and he can't provide one-size-fits-all prices.
  3. Budget Match: Don't offer unnecessary discounts. Each customer should have a predetermined, price-coded rate. Your Price is your Price!
  4. Performance-based Pricing: Consider how much work you can realistically complete in an hour. If this aligns with your desired earnings, it's a suitable pricing model. Be realistic about what you can deliver.
  5. Maintenance Agreements: Offer maintenance agreements to clients. These can sometimes have better budgets than the margins you initially considered. Remember, if the budget is too low. That might indicate inadequate maintenance practices.
  1. The Importance of Follow-up: The number one mistake in sales is not following up. Regular and timely follow-up is key to successful sales.
  2. Ask for Follow-up Dates: When sending unsolicited proposals, always ask the recipient when you should follow up. This will help you gauge their interest and readiness to engage.
  3. Unsolicited Proposals: When someone tells you not to call them back, it's usually an indication of disinterest. In such cases, take the initiative and propose a follow-up date and time, like "Next Thursday at 10 AM."
  4. Frequency of Follow-up: The frequency of follow-up depends on the value of the potential customer. For high-value clients, more frequent follow-ups are warranted.
  5. Use of Unsolicited Bids: Don't hesitate to send unsolicited proposals via email and USPS. This proactive approach can lead to valuable opportunities.
  6. Demo Videos: Creating demo videos can be a powerful tool in your sales arsenal. Ensure you have permission from the company before posting these videos online.
  7. Tracking Demo Videos: Keep track of where you post your demo videos, but avoid prominently displaying the property name in the center.
Keep in mind that Ron's extensive industry experience is a valuable asset, and the fact that he has thrived in a 15-year collaboration with a contractor speaks volumes about the efficacy of these strategies. The key to successful commercial sales is understanding your costs, setting competitive pricing, and maintaining a proactive. Then respectfully follow-up approach with potential clients.

#CleaningIndustrySuccess #SalesMastery
The Art of Pricing in Commercial Sales!
Embracing the Principle - "The Price is the Price"!

In the realm of commercial sales, where precision and profitability intertwine. The concept of pricing stands as a cornerstone. In this blog, is the philosophy that sets the tone for successful transactions. "The Price is the Price." In the commercial sector, discounts are not just discouraged! They are a deviation from a strategic pricing approach that ensures sustained success.​

The Myth of Discounts

In an industry where precision matters.Then providing discounts may seem like a shortcut to securing a deal. However, we challenge this notion! That discounts often undervalue the quality and expertise of commercial services. Ron is a seasoned professional and echoes this sentiment. The true value of your service should be reflected in your pricing.

Strategic Pricing

Commercial sales thrive on strategic pricing that aligns with the actual worth of the service. Ron's success story is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach. By setting a non-negotiable price based on production rates, expenses, and desired margins. Then you establish the integrity and value of your services.

Understanding the Commercial Landscape

In the commercial world, consistency is key. Property managers and clients have a keen understanding of the costs associated with services like pressure washing, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. By presenting a fixed price, you convey professionalism and reliability. While instilling confidence in your clients.

Tailoring Your Approach

One size does not fit all in commercial sales. Ron's refusal to provide fixed prices for services speaks to the need for customization. Your pricing should be a reflection of your unique production rates, expenses, and desired profit margins. This tailored approach ensures that each client receives a quote that accurately represents the value of your services.

The Price is the Contract

In commercial sales, the agreed-upon price is not just a number. It's a contract. By adhering to this principle, you foster trust and transparency. Clients appreciate clarity in pricing. Especially knowing that there are no hidden costs or unexpected fluctuations.

As we navigate the intricate landscape of commercial sales. Let's embrace the philosophy that defines success. "The Price is the Price." By rejecting the allure of discounts and adopting a strategic pricing approach. You not only elevate the perceived value of your services but also lay the foundation for enduring success in the competitive commercial sector.
Revolutionize Your Cleaning Business With
PWI's Exclusive Commercial Sales Skills

for Pressure Washers & Commercial Cleaners!

Uncover the insider strategies that will propel your pressure
cleaning & commercial cleaning business to new
heights. From decoding CAM fees & crafting unbeatable
proposals. Over to mastering the art of efficient cleaning
& building lasting client relationships. This blog is your
ultimate guide to success in the property maintenance industry.

This is roadmap to mastering commercial sales skills.
We'd like to help to empower you to thrive in the
competitive pressure washing & commercial
cleaning industry. Elevate your business by building
strong relationships, understanding pricing dynamics,
& committing to continuous improvement.

  1. Understanding CAM Fees & Profitability
    • Common Area Maintenance (C.A.M.) fees and how property owners strategically allocate them into a 5-year Reserve Account.
    • Learn how these fees impact tenants and the intricate calculations based on Square Footage, Gross Leasable Area (GLA), and Gross Leasable Space (GLS).
  2. Building a Formula for Pricing
    • Develop a powerful pricing formula that integrates Square Footage, C.A.M. Fees, GLA, and GLS to accurately calculate costs for cleaning storefront sidewalks.
    • Navigate local zoning ordinances and maintain pricing competitiveness within a 20% tolerance range.
  3. The Role of Equipment & Efficiency
    • Evaluate the efficiency, speed, and equipment of your cleaning team, crucial factors affecting your business's success.
    • Understand how variations in equipment and efficiency impact cleaning rates among different contractors.
  4. Triple Net Leases (NNN) & Hidden Costs
    • Uncover the nuances of Triple Net Leases (NNN) and how hidden fees like CAM play a significant role in commercial real estate.
    • Gain insights into tenants' awareness of additional costs, contributing to property owner profits.
  5. Crafting Unsolicited Proposals
    • Discover effective strategies for finding properties under C.A.M. and approaching property managers with compelling unsolicited cleaning proposals.
    • Emphasize the importance of detailing measurements and pricing exclusively for storefront sidewalks.
  6. Adapting to Different Client Types
    • Explore dynamic pricing based on location factors, such as proximity to water bodies, and learn to charge premium rates for high-end restaurants.
  7. Building Relationships with Property Managers
    • Recognize the pivotal role of building strong relationships with property managers.
    • Understand the balance between pricing, quality, and trust to create lasting partnerships.
  8. The Role of Trust and Auditioning
    • Emphasize the significance of trust in the client-contractor relationship.
    • View every proposal as an audition, showcasing your capabilities and reliability to win over clients.
  9. Organizational Tools & Documentation
    • Utilize advanced tools like CRM systems and OneDrive for efficient organization of client information and proposals.
    • Stress the importance of maintaining detailed documentation for each client, including budgets and communication history.
  10. Continuous Improvement and Demos
    • Encourage ongoing skill enhancement through the recording and analysis of demo videos.
    • Share both successful and unsuccessful demo videos to facilitate team improvement.
  11. Scaling Your Business
    • Consider the strategic move of hiring personnel to manage proposal writing and client communication.
    • Highlight the benefits of scaling your business to handle larger contracts and expand your portfolio

Commercial Sales Class​

Elevate Your Pressure Washing Business with​

Instructor Ron Musgraves with Pressure Washing Institute (PWI)


30 Day Unsolicited Maintenance Proposals

Success in this industry isn't just about wielding a pressure washer. Focus on
understanding your client needs and presenting your services effectively.

Start Crafting Maintenance Proposals
that'll Impress even the Most Skeptical Managers.

Unsolicited Proposal Best Practices

  1. 30-Day Maintenance Unsolicited Proposals for Storefront Sidewalks Start strong by sending focused proposals for these crucial areas. Keep it separate. Avoid combining various jobs into a single proposal.
  2. Specialty Cleaning Requests Dumpster areas, and back of the store. These require specialized attention. Craft a dedicated proposal outlining these specific cleaning services. For newcomers, consider adding these services at the back of your maintenance proposal.

Understanding Client Perspectives

  1. The Cost vs. Service Perception Managers often understand the cost but not necessarily the technicalities of pressure washing. Tailor your proposals to highlight both the value and the cost-effectiveness of your services.
  2. Check the Hot Areas Emphasize critical areas in your proposals. Some may not care about every inch, but they do care about spots prone to accidents or visible soiling.

Frequency & Importance of Maintenance

  1. Monthly Maintenance for Key Areas Storefront sidewalks, front doors, and especially the rear areas demand monthly attention. Address soil, oil spills, and other hazards promptly to avoid liabilities. Highly Recommend Using Front 9 Restoration F9 Groundskeeper.
  2. Balancing Services Not every part of the property needs monthly attention. Strike a balance. Propose services for your clients every 60 days, or 90 days for other areas to maintain cleanliness without overwhelming the client or budget.

Compliance & Liability Awareness

  1. Understanding Zoning & Regulations Stay within the specified parameters outlined by building ordinances. Highlight compliance in your proposals to assure clients of your attention to detail.
  2. Focusing on Liability Hotspots Handicap spots and high-traffic areas are potential liability zones. Address these concerns in your proposals, demonstrating your commitment to safety and risk reduction.

Words of Wisdom

In commercial cleaning, it's not just about washing away dirt.
As a professional you should try preventing accidents, ensuring compliance,
and reducing liabilities. Be the professional who not only understands the
art of pressure washing. Plus show your clients you
comprehend the language of business and safety.

A Well-Crafted Maintenance Proposal Speaks Volumes about Your Professionalism. Client's look for pressure washers that pay attention to detail. Wow your potential clients with these insights, setting yourself apart in the competitive world of commercial cleaning!
๐ŸŒŸThe Wilderness of Customer Diversity

๐ŸŒฟExplanation through the untamed wilderness of customer diversity! Picture yourself as an intrepid explorer navigating vast landscapes. With each avenue that has a unique path in the hunt for prospects.

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Established Circles
The Known Trails
In this wilderness, we encounter familiar trails like the BOMA members. That is a community interconnected by shared interests & goals. They're the well-trodden paths, frequented by many. Some traverse these trails with enthusiasm, and finding value in the community. While others might simply tread along, and are obligated by circumstance.

๐Ÿ” Uncharted Territories
Expanding Horizons
Beyond these familiar trails lie uncharted territories. The uncharted realms where myriad individuals wander. That sometimes are unaware of existing networks or organizations. These are the untapped prospects, and waiting to be introduced to the benefits they're missing out on.

๐Ÿšซ Anti-BOMA Members
Navigating Resistance
You will encounter Anti-BOMA Members. Akin to those who resist the known paths, & preferring independence. They may be skeptical of networks. Very common amongst those in our industry that are unaware of the opportunities these organizations offer.

๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ Strategic Navigation
Finding Your Path
The key isn't to blindly join every group but to strategically navigate. Just as an explorer masters one terrain before moving to the next. Then leverage existing connections to explore new regions. Here are a few of examples. The Developers' Associations, Hospitality Networks, All-Women's Branches, & More. Each new avenue extends your reach, creating connections within specific domains.

๐Ÿค Engagement
Building Meaningful Connections
Remember, it's not just about joining. Importantly more about engaging and networking within these groups. Plus fostering genuine relationships. Learn the language of each terrain. Confidently keep speaking directly to the needs and interests of those you encounter.

๐ŸŒ„ Opportunity Awaits
Embrace the Frontier
In this vast landscape of potential customers. Although each new group is an opportunity. An untamed frontier waiting to be explored, understood, and integrated into your network.

#CustomerDiversity #Networking #ExploreAndEngage
DEMO$ - Demonstrating Your Dedication

Clients Value Your Commitment to
Continuous Learning & Improvement

Improve Your Skills

By investing in your personal and business development, you increase your
chances of sealing the deal and securing maintenance agreements.

Win Over Clients
A demo video reflects your dedication to the industry. Clients who see your
commitment are more likely to choose your services over competitors.

Demonstrate Environmental Responsibility
It's not just about cleaning; it's about contributing to a cleaner environment.
Even if your proposal has a higher price, a compelling demo can get your foot in the door.

Mastering Demo Skills

Creating impactful demo videos is a journey that takes time, effort,
and practice. Mastering demo videos is a powerful tool to use. It showcases
your dedication, skills, and quality of work, ultimately leading to better client
relationships and business growth. Commit to practice, utilize available
resources, and continue improving your demo videos. Your dedication and
well-executed demos can set you apart in a competitive market.

Demo Instructions

Short & Focused Demos
Keep your demo video short, ideally between 11 to 19 seconds.
Allocate 8 seconds for the surface cleaner and 4 seconds for the pan.
Maintain a clear focus on the task at hand.

Steady Camera
Avoid moving the camera while recording the demo. Ensure a stable
shot to showcase your work effectively.

Diverse Angles
Capture different angles to provide a comprehensive view of your cleaning
process. An overhead view can be particularly valuable.

Avoid Expansion Joints
Stay away from expansion joints on sidewalks. Focus on the middle for a
more visually appealing contrast.

Leveraging Resources
To enhance your demo video skills, utilize available resources

Real-Life Examples
Learning from actual examples can be incredibly beneficial to understand
what makes a good demo.

Guidance & Instruction's
For Creating Effective Demo Videos

How to Properly Illustrate a Demo For Your Sales Process Video


Example Demo Video

Ron's Instructions to Properly Perform a Demo Video.
*Watch 30 to 40 Seconds

Reminder of Right & Wrong Demos
Commercial Sales
Customer Organizations


Building Owners and Managers Association Internationa
l Website

About BOMA

Founded in 1907, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International
is a federation of U.S. local associations and global affiliates. The leading trade
association for commercial real estate professionals for more than 100 years, it
represents the owners, managers, service providers and other property professionals
of all commercial building types, including office, industrial, medical, corporate and
mixed-use. BOMA International is the partner individuals in the commercial real estate
industry choose to maximize value for their careers, organizations and assets. Its mission
is to advance a vibrant commercial real estate industry through advocacy, influence and knowledge.


Innovating Commerce Serving Communities Website

ICSC Mission
The member organization for industry advancement, ICSC promotes and elevates
the marketplaces and spaces where people shop, dine, work, play, and gather as
foundational and vital ingredients of communities and economies.

Value Proposition
ICSC produces experiences that create connections and catalyze deals; aggressively
advocates to shape public policy; develops high impact marketing and public relations
that influence opinions; provides an enduring platform for professional success; and
creates forward-thinking content with actionable insights โ€” all of which drive industry
innovation and growth.

Community Associations Institute Website


CAI is an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities.
With over 45,000 members, CAI has 63 chapters worldwide, including Canada,
the Middle East and South Africa, and relationships with housing leaders in a number
of other countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom. CAI provides information,
education and resources to the homeowner volunteers who govern communities and
the professionals who support them. CAI members include association board members
and other homeowner leaders, community managers, association management firms
and other professionals who provide products and services to associations.

CAI Serves Community Associations & Homeowners By
  • Advancing excellence through seminars, workshops, conferences and education programs, most of which lead to professional designations for community managers and other industry professionals.
  • Publishing the largest collection of resources available on community association management and governance, including website content, books, guides, Common Ground magazine and specialized newsletters.
  • Advocating on behalf of common-interest communities and industry professionals before legislatures, regulatory bodies and the courts.
  • Conducting research and serving as an international clearinghouse for information, innovations and best practices in community association development, governance and management.
They believe homeowner and condominium associations should strive to exceed
the expectations of their residents. Working toward a goal by identifying and
meeting the evolving needs of the professionals and volunteers who serve
associations, by being a trusted forum for the collaborative exchange of knowledge
and information, and by helping members learn, achieve and excel. CAI mission
is to inspire professionalism, effective leadership and responsible citizenshipโ€”
ideals reflected in associations that are preferred places to call home.

Commercial Sales

Customer Organizations

Screen Shot 2024-02-14 at 2.24.54 PM.png

NRA Vision

A thriving restaurant & foodservice community, providing America with nourishment,
opportunity & joy, working to enhance quality of life for all.


To serve the industry and impact its success, THEY...
Strengthen operations, mitigate risk and develop talent; Advance and protect
business vitality through national, state and local advocacy; and Drive knowledge & collaboration.

IFMA Website

What is Facility Management?

Who manages one of your organizationโ€™s largest assets
with one of the largest operating budgets?
Your Facility Manager.

Founded in 1980, we are the world's largest and most widely recognized
association for facility management professionals, supporting over 24,000
members in more than 100 countries.


Lead the future of the built environment to make the world a better place.

IFMA Mission

We advance our collective knowledge, value and growth for Facility Management
professionals to perform at the highest level.

National Grocers Association Website

About NGA

For nearly 40 years, the National Grocers Association (NGA) has represented
independent community grocers located in every congressional district across
the country, and the wholesalers that service them. Also represented are affiliated
associations, manufacturers, and service suppliers as well as other entrepreneurial
companies that support NGAโ€™s Mission and Philosophy. NGA works to ensure ongoing
economic advancement and prosperity for Americaโ€™s independent community and
remains the only trade association exclusively focused on representing the
independent sector of the food industry.

Screen Shot 2024-02-14 at 1.59.02 PM.png
Independent Grocers Alliance Website

About IGA
For nearly 100 years, family-owned IGA stores have been giving back and
supporting worthy causes. They do it because they want to support and nurture our
communities and the people who live in them. They do it because itโ€™s the right thing
to do. Most of all, they do it because they care.

As stewards of the IGA brand and the proud members of the Independent
Grocers Alliance, we felt it was our responsibility to ensure that when a store faced
an unimaginable crisis, we could support them in the same way they so often and
so selflessly support others. So in 1993 we created the Hometown Proud Foundation,
a 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting IGA stores and the communities they serve when
the need arises. 100% of the funds raised go to ensuring these family owned
businesses survive and thrive.
๐Ÿ”ฅ The Ultimate Sales Hack with Ron Musgraves' (PWI) Sales Tips! ๐Ÿ”

๐ŸŒŸ Skyrocket your ๐Ÿ’ฐ Sales Game with the ๐Ÿ’กGolden Rule Straight from the
Pressure Washing Institute (PWI) Founder, Ron Musgraves. Don't waste time
hunting for dirty places to clean. Start focusing on finding Clean Places to Sell! โœจ

๐Ÿ”Ž Instead of chasing after grimy spots in hopes of scoring a cleaning job, shift
your perspective. Seek out pristine spaces where the need for your services isn't
obvious. Think about it: clean environments still require maintenance and
enhancement, making them ripe opportunities for your sales pitch! ๐ŸŒŸ

๐Ÿ’ผ By targeting already clean areas, you position yourself as a proactive solution
provider, not just a reactive cleaner. Plus, businesses and homeowners alike
appreciate foresight and preventative measures, making your sales
pitch all the more enticing! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

๐Ÿ’ก The next time you're strategizing your sales approach please remember
Ron Musgraves' invaluable advice. ALWAYS Look for the Gleaming Opportunities
Hiding in Plain Sight! Then Watch your Sales Soar! ๐Ÿ†

๐ŸŒŸ #SalesTips #ProactiveSelling #WinningStrategies

The Pressure Washing Institute's Commercial Sales Class
Homework & Resources!

Crush Your Weekly Homework Goals with Demos & Unsolicited Proposals. DOMINATE YOUR BUSINESS WITH PWI Weekly Homework.
  1. Perform 2 Demos to Showcase Your Skills & Win Clients Over
  2. Please Record Your Demos & Post Them in The Class Facebook Messenger Group
  3. Email & Send 2 Unsolicited Proposals Weekly through USPS
  4. Targeting 30-Day Storefront Sidewalks Only
Mastering Client Interactions with Building Trust, One Relationship at a Time!

๐Ÿค Your Initial Client Encounter Sets the Tone for Success. Cultivating Lasting Relationships is the Cornerstone of Business Success!

๐Ÿ’ผ How To Excel in Sales & Customer Service In the Industry
  • Be Coy, Observant, & Pleasant
  • Set the Stage for Positive Rapport.
  • Prioritize Relationship Building & Trust.
  • First Impressions Matter!
  • Persistence & Respect are Key.
  • Treat Clients as You'd Wish to be Treated
  • Avoid Unprofessionalism, Pushiness, or Flamboyance
  • Keep Interactions Genuine & Respectful


PWI's Commercial Sales Class

Proposal Terms & Maintenance Agreements
Transparency is Key When Presenting Proposals to Clients
Ensure clarity & professionalism in every proposal.

๐Ÿ“ Proposal Templates Tiers 1-4
Access exclusive proposal templates in PWI's Commercial Sales Class.
๐Ÿ’ผ Terms & Conditions
Disclose all terms during proposal discussions. Clients shouldn't have to ask.

๐Ÿ“† Terms Duration
Proposal terms are indefinite but subject to increase with a 30-day notice.

๐Ÿ“œ Cancellation Policy & Clear Terms
A 30-day prior written notice via certified mail is required. Ron Musgraves agreements outline this clearly.
Suggested Price List For Pressure Washing
Storefront Sidewalks For The Following "Categories"
Business TypeWeekly Service PriceBi-Monthly Service PriceMonthly Service Price
Family Dining$225.00$245.00$425.00
Fine Dining$275.00$355.00$475.00
Fast Food$245.00$285.00$445.00
Department Store$275.00$325.00$525.00
Grocery Store$245.00$275.00$375.00
Pet Store$215.00$245.00$375.00
Coffee Shop$195.00$225.00$345.00
Drug Store$225.00$245.00$395.00
*Prices Above are for Store Front Sidewalk Cleaning.
*All Prices Reflect the Cost of Weekly, Bi-Monthly, & Monthly Maintenance Programs.

*This is Only a Suggested Price List.
Understanding C.A.M. Fees

Here are the Key Insights for Commercial Account Management

In our Commercial Sales Class it's important to understand the the critical realm of C.A.M. (Common Area Maintenance) Fees for Commercial Accounts. CAM has a function similarly to HOA fees in Residential settings.

The Breakdown of Why CAM Fees are Essential
  1. Tenant Contribution C.A.M. Fees are additional charges paid by tenants. This is separate from their rent. In order to cover expenses related to maintaining shared spaces within a commercial property.
  2. Full Tenant Responsibility In a fully occupied center the tenants essentially bear the entire burden of CAM Fees.That relieves the property owners from these maintenance costs.
  3. Financial Reserves Many CAM & HOA Agreements include provisions for building up a 5-Year Reserve. This financial buffer ensures that property maintenance can continue uninterrupted. Even during economic downturns.
  4. Gatekeepers & Property Managers The existence of Purveyors, Gatekeepers, & Property Managers is intricately linked to CAM fees. These entities oversee the maintenance & upkeep of shared areas within the property. While ensuring that CAM funds are allocated effectively.
  5. Third-Party Management In many cases, third-party management companies are tasked with managing CAM funds. Ensuring that necessary maintenance tasks, such as pressure washing, landscaping, & lighting maintenance, are carried out promptly.
  6. Difference from Triple Net Leases While CAM fees are a common feature of commercial leases, They differ from Triple Net Leases. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for navigating commercial property management effectively.
  7. Challenges for Apartment Complex Owners Unlike commercial property owners who rely on CAM fees for maintenance funding. The apartment complex owners must manage expenses directly from rent collections. Can pose unique challenges in budgeting for cleaning &maintenance services.
In PWI Commercial Sales Class Blog, you'll find further insights into the nuances of CAM fees. Including their significance in commercial property management. Understanding these dynamics is essential for successfully navigating the world of commercial sales & property management.
The Power of C.A.M. Accounts

A Game-Changer in Commercial Property Management

C.A.M. (Common Area Maintenance) Accounts are often Misunderstood.
They actually hold tremendous potential for those who grasp their significance. In our latest blog post was the transformative impact of C.A.M. Accounts. This insightful discussion that could potentially change the way you view and approach your commercial property endeavors.

Revolutionize your approach to Commercial Property Management.
  • The concept of C.A.M. Accounts & their importance in property management
  • Real-life examples of individuals experiencing the "Aha Moment" with C.A.M. Accounts
  • Understanding the distinction between low-hanging and high-hanging fruit in the industry
  • The profound effect a few C.A.M. Accounts can have on changing one's financial trajectory
  • Testimonials from individuals whose lives have been transformed through Ron's Mentorship & Guidance
Building Relationships & Knowing When to Follow Up
With commercial sales the art of follow-up is often underestimated. Just because a client doesn't respond immediately doesn't mean your bid was rejected. So, remember, sincerity and timing are your best allies. Build trust, ask the right questions, and watch your client base grow organically.

Key Tips
๐Ÿ“… Timing is Key Knowing when to follow up is crucial. Understanding your client's annual budget cycle can give you valuable insight into the best times to reach out.
โ“ Questions to Ask Instead of relying on a script, focus on asking the right questions. Understand your client's needs and preferences to tailor your approach effectively.
๐Ÿ’ฌ Analogies for Understanding Ron Musgraves, our expert instructor, compares the sales process to dating. Just like cheesy punchlines won't win you a date, they won't win you a client. Building genuine relationships is the key to long-term success.
๐ŸŒŸ Honesty Wins Building a lasting customer base requires honesty and authenticity. Cheesy sales tactics may yield quick results, but they won't foster meaningful relationships.
Mastering the Art of 'Washing for Free' in Commercial Sales

Ron's Top Strategies Unveiled!

Ron Musgraves, a seasoned expert in the industry, shares his invaluable insights on the power of strategic sales approaches. By incorporating these strategies into your sales approach. You can effectively navigate the complexities of commercial sales. Start to achieve sustainable growth in your business.

Glimpse into his Top Strategies:

๐Ÿšฟ Washing for Free: Offering a complimentary service, such as a sidewalk cleaning. This can be a game-changer. By showcasing your expertise upfront, you eliminate the need for multiple visits and instill confidence in your potential clients.

๐ŸŽฌ The Demo Effect: Demonstrations are a powerful tool in sales. Providing a live demo allows clients to witness the quality of your work firsthand. In return making it easier for them to envision the results.

๐Ÿ“ง Unsolicited Proposals: Sending Unsolicited Proposals via Email & USPS demonstrates proactive engagement. While it may take time to perfect this strategy. Just know it can lead to valuable opportunities for business growth.

๐Ÿ’ก The Mastery of Sales: Ron emphasizes the importance of mastering the sales process. Each interaction with a client is unique, requiring adaptability and strategic thinking.

๐Ÿ“Š 30-Day Price Strategy: Instead of offering One-Time Cleaning Options. Ron Recommends sending a 30-day price. This approach allows clients to evaluate the Cost-Effectiveness of Regular Maintenance Programs. Plus it encourages Long-Term Partnerships.
Mastering Commercial Cleaning

Efficiency and Budget Optimization
In the realm of commercial cleaning, efficiency is key. By mastering the art of efficient cleaning and budget optimization, you'll not only meet but exceed your clients' expectations while maximizing your profitability.

Deliver Top-Notch Service

๐Ÿข Understanding Timeframes: Different establishments require different cleaning durations. Whether it's a family-style restaurant, a fast-food joint, or a high-end eatery, each has its own cleaning requirements. Familiarize yourself with these timelines to accurately estimate the time needed for each job.

โฑ๏ธ Time vs. Cost: Demonstrating the efficiency of your services is crucial. Highlight how your monthly agreement not only saves time but also reduces costs compared to one-time cleanings. Show potential clients how investing in regular maintenance translates to significant savings in the long run.

๐Ÿ”„ Initial vs. Ongoing Cleaning: The initial cleaning may require more time and effort to tackle accumulated grime. However, subsequent cleanings become more streamlined, taking significantly less time while maintaining the same level of cleanliness. Educate your clients on this process to set realistic expectations.

๐Ÿ“Š Math & Science: Base your estimates on solid data and experience. Draw from your past projects to provide accurate assessments of cleaning durations and costs. Clients appreciate transparency and reliability when it comes to budgeting for cleaning services.
The Evolution of Drugstore Sidewalks

Journey through the hidden world of drugstore sidewalks, where brands converge, identities shift, and maintenance programs keep sidewalks pristine across multiple transformations.

The intriguing world of drugstore sidewalks. The invisible transformations they undergo...

๐Ÿช Evolutionary Journey: Explore how drugstore locations seamlessly transition from one brand to another, Leaving no trace of their previous identities. Witness the fascinating evolution of these storefronts & the sidewalks that connect them.

๐Ÿ”„ Brand Fluidity: Discover how drugstore locations transform from Rite-Aid to CVS to Walgreens & beyond. While they maintain a consistent appearance. Explore the subtle nuances that differentiate each brand while preserving the essence of the establishment.

๐Ÿ›ฃ๏ธ Sidewalk Symmetry: The intricacies of sidewalk maintenance programs and how they ensure consistency across drugstore locations. Learn how a few hundred feet in a maintenance program equates to mere minutes, & highlighting the efficiency of systematic upkeep.
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๐Ÿ’ก Understanding the Economy
Ron sheds light on economic downturns and how they impact businesses. With examples from history, he emphasizes the gradual recovery that follows such downturns.

๐Ÿ’ก Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Funds
Discover the secret behind CAM funds and how they're the key to unlocking lucrative contracts. Learn why property owners are mandated to spend this money, regardless of the economic climate.

๐Ÿ’ก The Power of Inclusive Services
Ron highlights the importance of offering comprehensive services to clients. From cleaning sidewalks to mucking up garbage cans, inclusive packages make it easy for buyers and ensure client satisfaction.

๐Ÿ’ก Insights into Window Cleaning Services
Ron shares his experience with window cleaning services, offering valuable tips on maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction.

๐Ÿ’ก Community Management Associations
Learn about HOAs and their similarities to CAM funds. Discover how these associations can be a goldmine for cleaning businesses and strategies for tapping into this market.

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