Pressure Wash Or Softwash?


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I'm a painting contractor by trade, and only wash once or twice a week; side jobs, beer money. But getting $450 for a roof beats $275 for a house. I often upsell them on the house for a nominal fee. But I'd be happy if I never had to do houses ever again.

I lucked into a great deal on a 5.5gpm chemical sprayer unit in powder-coated frame with 250ft of hose on a reel up top. Had it five months and love it. Since then, I have focused on roofs -- its now 80% of my washing business

But for the lurkers here or guys like me that wouldn't/couldn't shell out several thousand bucks for a "system", a 5.5 is really all you need. Hell, saw a similar one at Northern Tool in Savannah couple weeks ago for $380-something, with a small tank. Gotta buy the hose & plumb, though.


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Whats better to pressure wash or Softwash?

Please vote and give your objections.

Please do not be affraid to post them no matter how un-popular you think they are.

So you know I believe roofs can be pressure washed safely. Do I think its better and more efficiant? I think it depends.
I honestly think you can go either way but i do love to hit it with pressure

Ron Musgraves

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The thing with this is soft washing is considered the easy way which leads to more saturated jobs and less charging , only time you damage paint or break tiles is when you don’t know what your doing. power washing
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