parking garage round about estimate.


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250,000 sqf parking garage. 4 levels.
No water reclaim.
average dirt, oil and grime buildup. No walls or ceilings. It has been washed every year up until this point so its not terribly dirty. This location is in texas so its mainly dust and oil spots.
8gpm/3500 machine with hot water. two guns can run at same time. 525 gallon water tank.
water on job site easily accessible.
Live parking garage.
They want a general wash down with tough spots hit with surface cleaner.
downstreaming EBC.
Blowing out the garage before job starts .
I can run three man team with two washing and one with back pack blower and squeegee, watching for flooding and all of that nonsense,traffic control. I know everyone is different and the markets are different etc etc. What would you charge?? I have a few years under my belt with HOA's etc. Last job was 2.5 miles of limestone wall with heavyyyyy buildup finished in 4 days. I am not opposed to buying another surface cleaner. I can run two around 4gpms in need be.