New tool to air out pumps and hoses


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I threw this little gadget together tonight to find an easier way to blow out the machines. It blows the water out backwards from the gun hookup. It seemed to work on the skid but not so well on a belt drive cold water I have. Thought I'd contribute something.....


Russ Spence

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put the valve on the side of the pump instead and it will blow out the pump, coil, hose, reel and all.


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This way seems to do the same thing but doesnt require an extra T on the inlet side for the valve. Years ago, I had it set up kind of like your saying but had trouble with the valves wearing out and letting air escape into the pump... Thats why I've been needing something else. I even tried the heavy duty valves on the inlet side but still, they wore out on me. Do you not have that problem? Also, if the valve is direct to the 5/8" inlet of the pump, it wont completely blow out the pump, just the top half of the head.


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We use air snap connectors for the supply lines and pressure lines. We disconnect the whip lines at the pump and blow with a air compressor back through for 5 minutes each. Add 6 gal RV antifreeze in the supply tank. Then connect a 10' whip with a ball valve to each pump. Run the pumps until the antifreeze runs back in the top of tank. Close the valve and unloader opens and fills the return line. I don't trust blowing air through the pumps. But we get pretty low single digit temps.


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I have an air valve adapted to a gator lock plug (I have gator lock connectors on my tanks so I can dump them quick). I drain the tanks then blow out from the end of the supply line where it hooks to the tank. I usually pour bout a half gallon of blue -20 windshield washer fluid in the line and blow it out till I see that. I also have a twist connect on my bypass hose and unhook it and drain it.