New Slimline Water Dragon For Sale

Jake Allen

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I would it you wasn't so far away! Need that machine on my trailer asap! You have gas and fuel tanks also? How many hours?

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well Gene,

Your description of " slim line water dragon 10 gpm 2 man " is not enough . just as you do not like to post pics, other do not like to try and guess which " water dragon 10 gpm " to look at. check the link, and tell us which one it is or at least post a link and no one will ever even have to call you.

My son just sold his house and made a tidy profit. I am helping him set up a pressure wash trailer.

Lightning Gene

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Model is Water Dragon slimline with external tanks.......Factory fresh ....

New Engine 1 hr on it at factory
Pump less then 10 hrs
New flow switch
repack burner 6 months ago
Rain Cap
2 man set up
new muffler
new exhaust wrap
new unloader
can sell just the skid or rig out a 14 ft trailer

Slimline 10 gpm 004.JPGSlimline 10 gpm 005.JPGSlimline 10 gpm 006.JPGSlimline 10 gpm 007.JPGSlimline 10 gpm 008.JPGSlimline 10 gpm 010.JPG


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New Haha you sound like a machine builder i know oh it will heat to 200 degrees oh i mean 100 degree heat rise lol.$4k tops for that


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Go ahead challenge me Gene on my knowledge?You advertise new washer for sale an its not new for sure its remanufactured for some reason or another i still say 4k tops.

shane mckinney

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lol...Same thought 4k tops for that unit. When did new become used? Refurbished is the better word with a refurbished price. Hope you sell it!


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Gene is this the machine that you had problems with that you drove to largo to fix.What did they have to do to it to fix it just curious?