National championship winner?

cajun cleanin

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Who's gonna win?Tell us your pick and score or spread.

I pick Auburn by 14.

They are to big and fast for Oregon to stay with for 4 qtrs.

Scott Stone

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I will go with Oregon. Call me a homer, but you guys think it is all about the SEC, and the PAC does come up with some decent teams.


4 natl titles in a row sais that Auburn ought to win easily.

Having said that I hate Auburn but I also dont want to hear about how great the pac12 is for a year so I hope Oregon wins 3-0 in the 4th OT

Mike V

Not very easy to go against a team from a league that has won the last four BCS titles. The problem is Auburn has trailed in eight games this season and won’t be able to stage a second-half comeback against Oregon. Oregon dominates in the 2nd half.

No way to predict the score, just hoping for a great football game.


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Pac 10 baby!! Whatever happens I can say that 2010 was the year Bama got whipped by a C0CK!


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I am pulling for Oregon, but my money is on Auburn. I'll either be happy...or rich! I have a feeling that Auburn will win easily...however neither defense is very good.

Lou Zehnder

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Gosh, I feel for the tide......You know it kills them to cheer for the IT would be like us (Kentucky fans) cheering for Louisville or the crips cheering for the bloods :triniti::triniti::triniti: ....

Doug Rucker

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Since I grew up with Gene Chizik and played Youth Football with him and High Shool ball against him..I'm gonna say War Damn Eagle by 10.

cajun cleanin

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SEC wins another BCS title.You would think they are just gonna name the Champs from now on after the SEC championship game.