Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana Round Table in Hattiesburg, MS


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I'm going to have a regional round table, probably in September. This will be a one day meeting for guys within reasonable driving distance to discuss business, network, and fellowship.
We'll probably have it at my office in Hattiesburg so there won't be a charge unless I have to rent a room. We'll eat lunch somewhere close. I vote Strick's BBQ! If y'all want it catered in we can do that and split the cost.

Let's get together, network, and all make more money.
Let me know if you're interested.

Doug Rucker

Roundtable Host 2009
I have to drive to Pensacola in September to help my parents out with their move to the Tampa area. I do not have a definitive to go, so once you know the date of the RT, I'll try to plan my trip around that so I can attend. Let me know as soon as you know. Would love to attend.


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I hope you can make it, Mark and Russ. I really want all of us within a couple of hours to get together. Chris Tharpe and I have been talking about it for a while but this whole SC thing has reminded me to get it organized.
I would like to meet you, Doug. I'm looking at September 8 but that's not firm.


That's great Thad. Unite while you guys still have a few brain cells left. Florida doesn't stand a chance the brain cells have all been turned to mush from the heat and sh. Help me. Help me take me with is what I kept telling people leaving the NCE event. Hey facilispence are you hiring lol.

Pat Norman

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I'll be there Thad unless I'm tied up with a warehouse washing.

Trying to get Clear Shine to come with me if it's not 9/8.
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In response to a question on another board:

Florida guys are welcome to come. I would especially like to meet the Panhandle guys.
The primary purpose is local networking between pressure washers, window cleaners, roof cleaners, fleet washers, KEC guys- any mobile contract cleaner that would like to network and make more money.

There aren't going to be speakers and topics like NOLA, it's just an old-fashioned round table.


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I'm too bashful to come stag haha! Just trying to get the head count up a little.

Any more thoughts on the date?

Oh, I appreciate that, Pat, but it's limited space.
It's really for those of us close enough to each other to refer jobs, team up if needed, call for backup, whatever.

Oh, and the Secret Sinister Cabal meeting.

Russ Spence

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its ok with me as long as its NOT the first or last weekends or the two in the middle!