Marketing Domination

Mike V


For entrepreneurs and small business owners, every dollar counts and investments need to pay off with the phone ringing and payments received. Mike Vidan explains that there is no magic formula that will give you the perfect sales and marketing strategy, however, this book will help you in taking small manageable steps to achieve your goals and help you to create a brand, identify your brand's positioning; understanding the functional benefits that you offer and which set you apart from your competition while not spending a fortune. Vidan says, “Over the years, I’ve read hundreds of books, blogs and articles on both sales and marketing, I have implemented marketing strategies that were highly successful as well as some that were dreadfully disappointing.” The purpose of this book is to help you put together a plan to identify your market, highlight your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and seize your market while avoiding costly mistakes and wasted time.

Among the many topics explored: Identifying and targeting the most profitable markets. Streamlining your Marketing Message. Creating both a powerful brand and a strong logo. You will also explore the difference between Marketing and Sales as well as Selling Value instead of Price. This book appeals to the owners of small businesses who have a wide variety of marketing problems to address and who need to change the way they think in order to generate healthy, consistent growth.

If your small service business is lacking the marketing and sales strategies needed to succeed and grow, then this is the book for you. Vidan has stripped away all the excess fat to help you understand more clearly how to make it happen in the real world based on his experience, not academic theories.