Licensed hood cleaning Technicians


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A state licensed hood cleaning tech, took a written test, has 500 hours of hood cleaning in 6 months. Basically a custodian, with a little influence. Can this tech, when requested by a customer to submit a price quote for cleaning, upon finding some non compliant issues legally report these issues to the fire inspector? This often causes a great deal of work and expense to the customer when they only asked for a quote. This can happen if the hood cleaner doesn't get the job and is acting with retribution or it could indirectly force the customer to give them the job. Seems kinda shady.
For many many years the NFPA 96 codes were recommendations. Since 2010 they have been incorporated as laws in this state. These codes are set up and regulated by a multitude of people in various positions. Fire inspectors, business owners, people that stand to make $$$ from the implementation of these codes. Additionally the codes are still interpreted. Should these codes be interpreted? Are there legal issues that hood cleaners need to be made aware of?