Lets talk winter time

You're right Larry there is a lot of work here, but there are hundreds of low ball hacks that have saturated the market. It's not like your area where you are able to get top dollar, even for the easiest jobs and only a handful of pressure washing companies. You are so lucky. LOL

Hahaha! OMG! I have cramps from laughing so hard. Im pretty sure a few of my competitors just heard me laughing. Yes, there are that many around here.


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Here are a couple things my business partner, Matt, did in the winter months up in the mountains of Arkansas. Vent hoods in restaurants, the interiors still need to be maintained even if the exteriors are inaccessible. Firewood was always in high demand in the colder months. And then of course went fishing and hunting as often as possible : )


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DJ doesn't share details of the Customized Lighting Program to his customers, either. Rock on, my KY brother. We didn't need Wiggins.

ccs power washing

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Coming into fall we do a big ad campaign for fall cleanup specials for residential and commercial. We then start gearing the dump trailers and leaf loaders for leaf removal. Once we get into winter we are doing snow removal and salt applications for our commercial lots and I have a couple crews of residential snow removal going. We also do new construction commercial concrete cleaning as well.