KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

Doug Rucker

Roundtable Host 2009


I'm missing a new hat. Anyone seen it?

john neilson

Roundtable Host 2009
Capture.PNGThis is a photo of some dear friends of ours, They live around the corner from us and we attend the same kingdom hall of Jehovah witnesses.
Ashly with the pink and silver stripes, and Nyasia with the white dots were killed this week in a horrific car accident in Sanford Florida. We miss them dearly. My younger son Michael ) was devastated to learn his friend Ashly is " All done " . I spoke to mom yesterday and she said it has not hit her yet. I could not hold back my tears while talking to her, I cannot imagine how she will be when it does sink in.................We should all commend ourselves for posting here because unforeseen occurrences can fall upon any one of us.