Is your business back up to speed?

Shawn G.

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I've read and written many posts about the greif and sadness that we all feel for what has happened this week.

I keep hearing in the news that people are being encouraged to get back to "business as usual" as soon as we can. I'm curious if anyone is having trouble doing this. (getting back up to speed)

This is by far the worst thing that has happened to our country in my lifetime, and even 3 or 4 days later, I find it hard to stay focused and thoughts are clouded by anger, rage, hatred and confusion....needing to know answers and needing to know that someone is doing something about this. My family has questions I cannot answer, and I need to be there for them...God has a plan in all this and I try to figure out what that plan is...

"Business as usual"?......not yet !!

Scott Stone

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For me the most conquering attitude for the "people" or cowardly Dogs, that did this is to continue as if nothing happened. It is hard. I would rather sit home and hug my kids, but, I have to, for my own piece of mind, continue as if nothing happened.


I'm doing what my leaders told me to do,go on,but this will be my first day to work after.I have been fishing and huntiing enjoying life in a way,think I almost got drunk last night head sure feels like it and I'm got a drinking man.You would NOT believe the please on earth right now,its so quiet as to be NO ROAR in the sky.Today I heard 4 or 5 as they roared on by as to a ROAR ALL THE TIME.Sorry some of you are so angry as to NOT see WHAT the LORD had sent us for right now as to know who,what for later.I'll be fighting for this kind of please as to be fighting in anger.

Dave Olson

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I also have a hard time focusing on business! I also have been wondering what our lives might be like in the future!

Will we be able to have "business as usual" again?

Dave Olson

Ron Musgraves

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I never slowed down, 99.99999% of my customers are on contract. That means I needed to uphold them.

Strange that we had new businesses come in this week, more than last week while soliciting. We did no soliciting this week.

I personally did not work hard, just the minimum stuff. Spent time with the kids reassuring that they where safe and that things are OK for now.

I agree with the guys that we need to get business back to normal every where. I did my part I ‘m taking the kids shopping and out to their favorite restaurant tonight.

I’m going to call about giving blood, strange they say we need to call first because lines have been so large people waiting up too four hours.