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John B

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All the Burger Kings I do for this one owner (10 ) of them .. I have been taking before and after photos for over a year now ( while cleaning these BK's) The owner finally stopped and looked at them .. I got a call He said ..
"John you do a really good job, I just wanted you to know .. By the way I saw your recent photos where my fusible links are not being changed out and my fire equipment is not being serviced properly by xxxxx fire equipment company we want you to service all of our fire equipment when you do the hood cleaning every 3 MONTHS... Also we would like you to clean all of the well..
Once again living proof that photos work...


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John B

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Are we there yet ??? Got to Clean Primo's Today at 9 am.. This job pays good but takes so long .. (3) really BIG vent hoods and to top it off the back hood is Galvanized and it is like 250 feet away from where I have to park the machine.... I have been using my little 110v unit and there hot water for the back hood because it's a bakery hood and it doesn't get that dirty... just a bunch of flour.. Well I 'll get some photos today .. Oh I forgot I got to wash the concrete and service the fire equipment also.
Well at least there closed on Sunday and Football season has not started yet.. Everybody must be working for the weekend ? There are not many post from yesterday. By the way I am working on getting that screensaver pop up thing off of my site. ( and if I can find one cheap enough maybe a real domain name instead of the freebies...