Hood / back wall sealant


In my area an inspection will cite a location if any void or non-continuous hood seal. We sometimes pick up this add-on work. We use a hi-temp silicone, run the bead, and quickly strike it with the joint tool. Done. Easy - however I just returned from a nightmare job. It had an extra-wide gap and required a lot of sealant. Took too much time and when I picked up the joint tool probably 3 or 4 minutes had passed. Way too long - the sealant had begun to cure and the tool just chewed it up (I'm sure we've all been there). Out of sealant. Horrible-looking job. I'm sure I'll get the call in the morning. Questions - anyone found a sealant that cures more slowly and allows more time to finish? What brand? Ever tried application of an 'appearance' coat over a chewed-up but otherwise acceptable job?


The rubber like substance that gets longer when you give it heat and pressure. Yeah I run in to it once or twice. Tuff stuff.