"Hillbilly" Roof Treatment That Works!


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Where can you purchase copper sulphate, and what concentration should be used? I was also wondering if you have a price per square foot that you would recommend for walkable roofs and for ones that require a safety rope? I am new to this forum and also the grime scene. I am really enjoying all the imformative posts. BTW Chris I used your apple sauce recipe last week and found that it does clean a lot easier than just SH and soap.


We found this out cleanin a roof with copper gutters!

That is why I said in my original post a roof MUST be rinsed before any copper sulfate treatment is applied to it.

Look at the MSDS for some spray on, let the rain rinse it roof cleaning products ?
Copper Sulfate is the ingrediant.

Back in Seattle, us roofers used to spray mossy roofs with copper sulfate.'
The Moss dies, and the rain and a bit of pressure cleans em right up.

I am fairly confident, though I haven't actually tried it, that one could simply kill the algae on a roof with copper sulfate spray, and the rain wouild eventually clean it, as the dead plant would lose it's grip.

The PROBLEM is that consumers, at least here in Tampa area want instant results.

But make no mistake, copper sulfate is deadly as a killer, and preventer of Mildew and Algae.

Simply spraying a roof with it is not good enough for long term protection.
The rain will simply rinse it away.

What we need is a time release delivery vehicle, like the generic armor all, or a sealer as the other poster suggested.


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One day, several years ago, we got a call from an elderly lady.
Her grand son was in the auto detail business.
She told me only part of her roof needed cleaning, because her grandson had "went up there" several years ago and "treated" part of it.

To my surprise, the area of roof under a tree, and facing north SHOULD have been dirty, but was not!

Of course, I cleaned the whole roof, but I asked her for her grandsons number.

He used a generic Armor All type stuff to put on the roof.

Curious, I found where to get this cheap Armor All Knock off, and had a "Hillbilly Moment"

WHY not mix some copper sulfate IN with the Armor All type stuff, and so I did!

Guess what, IT WORKS!

Before we stumbled upon what we are NOW using, we have mildew proof all kinds of stuff with our :Hillbilly Mixture:

The roof MUST be completely rinsed, preferably by rain or the Chlorine residue will fight the treatment.

Here is the "theory" to support this "discovery".

The armor all type stuff
"protects" the copper sulfate from being completely rinsed away by the rain.

Therefore, what we have indeed created is a time released Hillbilly Copper Sulfate Delivery System!

We NOW use a system that is Proprietary to our company that is mixed right in with our cleaning chemical.

But I assure everyone that this crude, "hillbilly concoction" works.

The PROBLEM with most treatments is that they are soon rinsed away, leaving a roof unprotected.

The "trick" is to offer a "sacrificial lamb" to keep the copper sulfate from being rinsed away!

What we are looking for in this "sacrificial lamb" is SOMETHIG that will last for a while, yet degrade over time, in effect releasing the copper sulfate, or another biocide in a "time release" fashion.

So, while I will not tell WHAT Apple Roof Cleaning uses, I have just given the "secret" to keeping surfaces free of mildew.

Mildew proofing is another service one can offer, and this works, and works well.

Since we went to what we are now using, we stopped "development" on our "discovery"

So Guys, use your heads, and see what is cheap we can come up with to "time release" the copper sulfate ?

There are other biocides besides Copper Sulfate, but it is cheap and very effective.
So is Zinc Sulfate, and there are many others.


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The "Hillbilly Mixture" we have been using combines the properties of copper sulfate with the protection of the Armor All-type product. Copper sulfate is known to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which helps inhibit the growth of mildew and mold on a roof. The Armor All-type product adds an additional layer of protection that helps keep the roof looking cleaner for longer. By combining these two products, we are able to create an effective mildew-proof treatment for roofs.

To ensure the effectiveness of the mixture, it is important to rinse the roof thoroughly, preferably with rainwater, before applying the mixture. This ensures that any chlorine residue left behind from the Armor All-type product is removed and does not conflict with the properties of the copper sulfate.

We believe this "Hillbilly Mixture" is a great way to keep roofs looking clean and mildew-free for longer. We are thankful for the elderly woman's call, as it led us to discover this unique and effective treatment for roofs.