Here's a shout out!!!

Richard Fleming

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Here's a shout out to all of our customers that really appreciate what we do for them!
Had a customer today thank me for the job I did for him cleaning his house and patio. He gave me a heart warmth thank you plus a $50 tip and said he would be calling me every spring to come back and clean the house.
Not to mention he will be refering me to his neighbor that has been looking for someone to pressure wash his house.

These are the types of customers that I truly appreciate.

And another shout you to my Grandmother who lets me keep a sign in front of her house so these type customers are able to get my phone number. $20 sign + 4 house washes so far.

...and me. I read your post...:D
Heres a shout out to my boys Russ and Russ.......thanks for the deck Russ....let's see if we can close the deal tomorrow morning....Wait,,,,,I gave you a roof job.......what about me!!!!!

and thank you Russ for reading my post!!!! and for anything else you help me with in the future....

Now for my address so you guys can send me a $50 tip.........
And me b/c I told Eric at Carwash if he wanted a hack to do it then go for it. HAHAH, LOL,
But I do know him. Ive been meaning to ask you if you ever got any chems from him?
Yeah got me some S.H., some casustic and some oxalic acid. finished cleaning his driveway today....did his house last weeks.....Told his daughter to tell him he was killing me with all the paint he dripped on the front porch and drive.