Paul Freeman

New member
I'm trying to find out as much as I can about an AOL ID: <>. Whoever it is, sent me an email this morning that has a RESTART.BAT and a jpg file of a Landa Logo, embedded in it.

How can I find out who this character is? I already dumped the content (program) of the email and sent it to AOL, but I'd luv to know who this is...

Beth & Rod

SR Wood Geek / Moderator
It might have been an accident onthe part of the user, since viruses often distribute automatically. I am assuming you were hit???

Contact Member Services at AOL and report the ID, ask them to contact the user and notify them that they have a virus... just and idea.

If your PC is infected, back up all you can and get a copy of Norton Antivirus....


Paul Freeman

New member
Thanks for the Heads-Up, Beth. I already contacted AOL.

The virus didn't get me, but it could get anyone who doesn't take appropriate security measures. It's called: Cellspacing and the sending ID appears as: Iamchuck697. If it comes to your desktop, don't open it. It also had a Landa, (Logo), jpg attached to it.

AOL is not being "user friendly" about this. Maybe it's because I forwarded the virus to them, I donno know.