HELP.Medium Dark Vinyl...Oxidation.

Pat Norman

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We washed a house Friday that had a medium dark brown vinyl gable. When I started washing I didn't notice any oxidation nor did I think the vinyl was very dirty nor mildewed. The gable faced the west. Everything looked good when we left and it was still wet. The next day the homeowner called me back about some areas the dirt still showed. When I got there I could clearly see from an angle what the homeowner was concerned about. I recalled when we washed that side the wind was real strong and so I thought OK we just didn't wet it good enough or it dried too fast to clean. So I completely rewashed the gable with a regular wash mix again made sure it was wet and plenty dwell and then rinsed. Looked fine again when I left. Now the homeowner has called again and said it still looks dirty and looks worse than ever. I'm sure it is oxidation. House was built early 90's I think she said. I have been lucky I have not run into this before. How can I save this disaster? Do I need to brush something on it to even it out?


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I keep buffered acids around for this type of work. Not sure if a degreaser will have same effect or mike at Eachochem if you're interested in the buffered acid solutions. Good products to have in your arsenal.