Green Apple - Floramask

Is anyone using Green Apple made by Floramask? I know alot of people don't care to use it but we opt to splash our mix with and want to shop some better prices. I have been getting it from a company out of N.C. because I refuse to do business with a company out of Tampa (not gonna name names) that I used to purchase it from. Any other vendors besides the one out of N.C.?
I tried it but I don't like the apple scent, I would rather have a citrus, strawberry or watermelon scent to hide the SH aroma.

I don't know if I even have any left but I would like to find something else but.....something that does not start to kill the strength of the mix, a lot of scents do.
I pretty sure the green apple is SH stable and not sure if Floramask sells other scents. They are out of Jacksonville but they dont' sell small quantities, 50 gal. drums only. I need to order some more and if I don't hear about any other vendors, I'll check with the one I go through to see if they have some of the scents you would rather use. Did you say Strawberry? Watermellon? Do you want me to see if they have Cotton Candy for you...haha Just F'in with ya..
Actually an orange/citrus smell would be great, that is what sells the most in cleaners with fragrances here, the citrus scent.
I use to buy Green Apple Green Apple here, Not sure if they still sell it, but it was where that other company in Florida got it too, think. I also buy a Rust Stain remover called Clear Pink Stuff from them. Works great on Irrigation Rust stains, Shinle Rust from AC units and some other rust stains, but NOT ALL rust stains.
Chris, I just ordered a couple of bottles from Xterior today and asked if they had citrus or any others scents but Green Apple is all they carry. They are the company out of N.C. I was talking about. For some reason they don't have it advertised on their site but if you call, they take phone orders.
Thanks for the info.
If anyone in the Texas area is interested in some Floramask Green Apple, I can sell it to them. I am not set up to ship the product nor do I have time at the moment.
I have been working on masking the scent of the roof cleaning mix for years. I am expecting samples from a company soon that promise to cost less, yet are still stable. I agree with Chris, as much as I like Green Apple Scent, I feel a stronger scent is needed. I feel you have to use too much of the Green Apple to really cover up the smell, and that gets expensive.
I just got some samples of a Bleach Masking Agent from a small company no one has ever heard of.
Maybe it will work, and be cost effective ?
I can mask the smell, it just adds cost.
If this turns out to be another dead end, I think downstream injection is THE answer.
With Downstream Injection, we need not be concerned about chlorine stability or compatibility.
We can use cheap fragrances and surfactants w/o any fear of weakening our mix !
It is very easy to rig up a downstream injection system.
And some roof cleaning skids, like the one AC sells, already have it designed right into them!

I have a student I taught using a downstream injection system to mix soaps and fragrances into his pump.
He uses Mexican powdered laundry detergent from WalMart that is dirt cheap as his surfactant, and an really powerful synthetic fragrance that is NOT chlorine compatable.
With the downstream injection system, he almost gets a fragrant roof cleaning shaving cream style foam that sticks like glue, and smells awesome.

It is my belief that a downstream injection system is THE way to go, if you seek the ultimate roof cleaning and softwash set up.
The commercial examples of these roof cleaning and softwash setups seem a little expensive, but consider this ?
They allow the use of far cheaper non chlorine compatible surfactants and fragrances!
Expensive chlorine stable surfactants and fragrances are no longer needed.

Bob from Ugly Shingles has posted the way to easily build a downstream injection system at RCIA, for those who want to do it themselves.
And, AC of Softwash Systems and others make turn key downstream injection roof cleaning skids for those who want a tested and proven system they can just buy.
Chris, do you have a link to the downstream system over at RCIA?
Chris are you talking downstream as in down streaming off a pressure washer or just an injection system to an electric pump system. Your last sentence says AC sells a Downstream Injection system so I am a little confused.
So I guess we will never see it, O Well.