Golden Corral Cleaning ?

John B

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Heydoes any body have a Golden Corral Restaurant in thier town that they clean ??? I got to start cleaning one in Jackson Next Month.. And I think the guy thinks since I am doing it once a month it ought to be a pretty cheap price.. But I told him 650.00 a month ... ... the last company was charging him 310.00 a month but didn't do a very good job , like they only cleaned the hood and filters.. They didn't touch the fans or the (DUCK WORK) Duct .

I have already had to clean up the rubber roof because oooh it was so freakin nasty...

Well anyway just wondering if anybody else does one.. HMMMMM

And Plus I am Bored .. I haven't Cleaned anything in 10 whole Hours... What a slow week and it's only Monday....


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Although I don't do any.The one closest to me just went belly up a few months ago.I was surprised to see it go out of business,as it was very busy,in a very busy area.Maybe too many fattys eating more than the management bargained for.We ate there maybe 3 times in 3 years and always alot of very large people chowing down.I would check to see if the last guy was getting paid on time.I think they are all corporate stores,not definate,but I am pretty sure.

Michael T

John it all depends on the volumn the store is doing. How many hoods/ducts/fans? We do some but on a quarterly basis. They pay regular and on time. They want to feed the crew everytime they come in the door. LOL. Safeclean, Yep there are some rather large folks eatin there. But you dont have to eat everything is sight.

John B

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I am going to clean them once a month... + just got the concrete cleaning too// so 650.00 + 150.00 .. $ 800.00 a month aint to bad I guess I could spare 2 guys for a night on this..


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I put a bid on one a few months ago. Broiler hood $300 monthly, fryer hoods $250 @ 3 mo, oven hood $175 @ 6 mo. $4950 per year, or 412.50 monthly. I didn't see spending any more than 4 hours on the 6 mo cleaning, and the broiler would only consume about 2 hrs monthly. I'd say you're getting paid pretty good for this one. I'd make sure to keep that guy happy.

Scott Stone

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We stopped at one while we were on vacation. My wife made the same comment. There were a ton of FAT people there.


John B

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Just got back from Golden Corral Again Drains stopped up in the kitchen .. 2 cups of caustic in each followed by an explosion and about 3000 psi and a bunch of hot water..
Total Bill $168.00.... I think I got the customer for life thing going on here.. and the assistant manager July is pretty HOT Too// If I was only 10 years younger and not married... Oh wait ... Ok I'm an adult again..
Sounds like you're their hero, way to go, John. Hope that explosion you heard wasn't the sewer pipe bursting. Been there, done that.

I was reading another bbs and saw a guy named Jim lindsey who claims to clean hoods for 25 years in Jackson. Is he the competitor you have in Miss. Claims he gave biz to his daughter.

John B

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Lindsey owns Equinox , He bought out the company I was working for in 1992.. Yes He is sort of my competitor.. We do some of the same things like hood cleanings but I dont think he does concrete or fire equipment.. I have gotten a few of his accounts in the past .. He is a pretty good guy and I see him around every once in a while.