FREEEEE $4500 Sirrocco Reclaim Unit give-away!

Ron Musgraves

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Prizes- FREEEEE $4500 Sirrocco Reclaim Unit give-away!


<HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #0000cc; COLOR: #0000cc" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --><!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_start --><!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_start -->Prizes- FREEEEE $4500 Sirrocco Reclaim Unit give-away!

At past events we have given away Various Prizes. To be included in the giveaway all you need to do is post here first.

It’s pretty simple; a random drawing live at the Charleston Meeting will determine the winner of the Sirrocco Prize. Drawing will be on Sept 29th or 30th depending on the schedule. The winner will be posted here and you need not be present to win. A Lucky Online winner will be Placed in the Live Drawing. We will be Drawing Randomly straight out of the Hopper.

This is a Must Follow the Instructions

1. Post in this thread

2. Send your contact info to

3. Posting on other bbs to will not increase your odds of winning. Each bbs poster will be given only one chance.

4. You must OPT in our Texting At NCE . Its Simple Text 25827 type in NCE and Hit Send.

If you did this Correctly the message will text you back. "Thanks For joining the Sirocco Give-away!! Random Drawing Live!!!"

This is also posted on:

It’s that simple and you might be the one Lucky winner to be put into the online Drawing at the show.

This is posted on multiple BBS, if you post in those threads you will not increase your chance.

The thread title is Tittled FREEEEE $4500 Sirrocco Reclaim Unit give-away!

This is a NCE promotion, all the BBS allowing this Full Reclaim Give-away gift we appreciate the support for future educational & networking seminars.
I'm in and got the confirmation text!