Free polo shirts

You know my address
looks like as good a time as any for my first post
its in the PM
Hey RonPip,
Welcome to PWI
Can you fill out your signature info? If you need help let us know.
Am I quick enough for a 2xl?
My address is in my signature. Thanks if I win a 2xl.
XL please. Unless I already won a shirt. Then let someone else win one. I can't remember If I already won a shirt.
Hey, pm'ing you an address :) Need more shirts for the collection!

Celeste & Roger
Awe crap!! I'm out.. Anyone who did not get a shirt e-mail me for your free Nicks Pressure Cleaning shirts. I even have a small for the BIG Chaz i guess i wont ask how you got the name.LOL..
I am...XL and I'll pm you the address. :D

No, you're not.
You're a Medium at best.

I, however, am a true XXL now.