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cajun cleanin

New member
Whats up with all the faculty lounge posts?Should these be seen publicly?If I can't read them I think they should be invisible to everyone but faculty.

Russ Spence

Commercial Pressure Wash Expert and PWI Admin
Somehow the settings have gotten changed, I dont know how to change it but it all happened when the upgrade was done.

Probably something simple I am sure but I dont have those controls any longer or I would do it, I know it stinks when you click on a thread only to get the "you dont have permission" thing pop up.

Makes you feel like a kid getting your hand popped!

Scott D.

Also when there is a thread w/ a persons name in it thats wondering what the deal with that person is...May want to get that fixed...

Chris Tharpe

New member
not now, however i am unsure if that because there were no new posts in that thread since the last visit or because it was fixed