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I don't post much here, but I do know, whatever Ant does post is worth looking into. The man does know what he is talking about. He has helped me and my biz on more than 1 occasion just cause he is a a nice guy. Thank you Ant. For you to be sarcastic and one sided is only limiting you to your potential. Open your eyes, ears, any mind and learn something new. I'm not promoting Ant's vid(I have not seen it) I just think that there is a wealth of knowledge out there and if you think you know it all then you are Holding yourself and your company back & missing out. Sorry for the rant



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Alright guys, I took some video of my water hose duct spinner and I just need to edit it up a little. If you use a water hose to rinse those maintained accounts you will like this little gadget. You will be able to get the bottom of those long ducts even with the water hose now.

I will be sending it out free to those of you that have bought one of the duct spinner products from me already. For those of you who haven't....well, it's not going to be free. So if you haven't bought one of my homemade duct spinner products, get one and get the water hose duct spinner for free.

I may give away a couple of these at the Rountable in Vegas...so you better register if you haven't already. ;)



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I guess word is getting around about the duct spinner :D



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Ant, how much would you love to have the guy in the middle working for you?
Talk about a duct rat....


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You should thank god the short guy and the ugly guy are defending this country in some place where they have to wear a bullet resistant vest to just stand on the tarmac.

I can give a post use testimony to Ant's duct spinner. It works BETTER than a mossmatic at 4 times the price.