Dual Certification Event

Paul Kassander

New member
Exclusive Two Day - Dual Certification Event</SPAN></SPAN>
April 10-11, 2012

Cost per person $450.00 limited to 30 people</SPAN></SPAN>
Smaller classes = More personalized attention

Register at www.powerwashstore.com</SPAN> or call 855-351-9274</SPAN></SPAN>
Click Here to Register.
Course Instruction Includes:</SPAN></SPAN>

April 10- All in attendance</SPAN>
Personal Protective Equipment</SPAN>
Fall Safety</SPAN>
Road Rules for drivers</SPAN>
Wash Water Control Certification</SPAN>

April 11- Group Specific (choose 1)</SPAN>
Fleet Washing - Certification</SPAN>
Roof Cleaning - Certification</SPAN>

Jobsite Visits – Application Techniques</SPAN>


Wash Water Control and Treatment-</SPAN></SPAN>

</SPAN>Jerry McMillen – Sirocco Performance Vacuum & Filtration</SPAN>

Marketing- </SPAN></SPAN>

AC Lockyer – </SPAN>Pro Business Guide-SoftWash Systems</SPAN>

Roof Cleaning & Job Site Safety-</SPAN></SPAN>

</SPAN>Bill Booz-Accuwash</SPAN>

Fleet Washing & Road Rules- </SPAN></SPAN>
Paul Kassander-Mobi Clean Inc.</SPAN>

Receive an additional, independent, industry certification!</SPAN></SPAN>
brought to you by a special agreement with...</SPAN>

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Paul Kassander

New member
Looking forward to it, the job site visits are new this time. That real world application will make a lot of difference in the overall instruction.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Who Alls going

Ron Musgraves text me for
questions 480-522-5227 Pressure Washing Institute.com


I hope a lot of people have signed up for your event Paul.

I went to your event last year and had a great time, learned a lot and made good improvements in job work speed in fleet washing.

I am looking at buying a truck north of you, might stop by on the drive down south, it might be about the time of your event.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
I'm sure people have signed up, I had a few guys call. This is not a roundtable Chris. this is serious training, this will not be a huge event.

The purpose is that attention will be paid to those attending to get what they came for.