Dual Certification Event

Paul Kassander

New member
Exclusive Two Day - Dual Certification Event</SPAN></SPAN>
April 10-11, 2012

Cost per person $450.00 limited to 30 people</SPAN></SPAN>
Smaller classes = More personalized attention

Register at www.powerwashstore.com</SPAN> or call 855-351-9274</SPAN></SPAN>
Click Here to Register.
Course Instruction Includes:</SPAN></SPAN>

April 10- All in attendance</SPAN>
Personal Protective Equipment</SPAN>
Fall Safety</SPAN>
Road Rules for drivers</SPAN>
Wash Water Control Certification</SPAN>

April 11- Group Specific (choose 1)</SPAN>
Fleet Washing - Certification</SPAN>
Roof Cleaning - Certification</SPAN>

Jobsite Visits – Application Techniques</SPAN>


Wash Water Control and Treatment-</SPAN></SPAN>

</SPAN>Jerry McMillen – Sirocco Performance Vacuum & Filtration</SPAN>

Marketing- </SPAN></SPAN>

AC Lockyer – </SPAN>Pro Business Guide-SoftWash Systems</SPAN>

Roof Cleaning & Job Site Safety-</SPAN></SPAN>

</SPAN>Bill Booz-Accuwash</SPAN>

Fleet Washing & Road Rules- </SPAN></SPAN>
Paul Kassander-Mobi Clean Inc.</SPAN>

Receive an additional, independent, industry certification!</SPAN></SPAN>
brought to you by a special agreement with...</SPAN>

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Sounds like a great event Paul.


I hope a lot of people have signed up for your event Paul.

I went to your event last year and had a great time, learned a lot and made good improvements in job work speed in fleet washing.

I am looking at buying a truck north of you, might stop by on the drive down south, it might be about the time of your event.