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Thanks for the advice last week Paul. I will let you know if I need to order parts next week.

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Hey Ron, Has the winner been posted yet?


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Thanks again Paul for this contest and all you do for our industry. Look forward to working with you for many more years. My goal is to get into roof cleaning big time in 2012.

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First Contest Closed, anyone left out will be first in New contest.

Post if you missed or want to be in the second one.

Please register also on

One Winner will Be Selected today through the Football Pool, all people who are not on this Pool do not worry.

We are having a second Give-away and you will be first on that Pool. Stay tuned.

All who want to be in the second Pool after the others have been Placed on there will be spots. So continue posting as this contest will have not one but two Pumps that will be given Away.

First contest is closed and final winner will be decided on the outcome of this Game. Good luck and visit the for future details or post here.


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Complete System Includes:
• Heavy duty 1/8” aircraft grade aluminum frame
• Dual 4.5 gpm 60 psi pump with Santropene and Viton seals
• Dual 1/2” inlets
• Dual 40 mesh inlet filtration
• Dual 1/2” Outlets with stainless steel quick connects
• Large marine battery box
• 300’ 1/2” Polybraid reinforced chemical line
• Plastic body chemical applicator gun with Viton seals
• 4 nozzle holder with 0º, 15º, 25º, and 40º stainless steel nozzles
• Angle nozzle holder with quick connect
• 36” stainless steel lance

Our custom built system boasts an impressive 4.5 gpm up to 60 psi per pump and an incredibly low 6 amp draw rate. With a 0 degree nozzle and 300’ of 1/2” hose you will have the capability to shoot over 50’, easily reaching 3 story peaks, no more ladders or wobbly extension poles. Used for roof cleaning, house washing and other chemical application.

Contest Rules:

1. Post in this thread. You have to post a job, your rig or yourself. (Only one is required to be entered into a random drawing for the PUMP.
2. All posters must have a valid signature.
3. Please Thank Paul in Post for being so generous.
4. If you have bought product from Paul Please include some comments about your experience.
5. Only one winner will be drawn and one pump giving away.

Other than that good luck and the drawing will be random and the date will be announced sometime during Holidays Live. This is posted on other Boards and if you post on those your chances will increase by the number of BBS you are participating on.
Of course shipping outside the USA will not be included; shipping in the continental USA will be included. Good luck and get posting.

One winner will be Chosen in a live drawing during Holidays randomly.


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If you dont enter you can't WIN!!!!!!

We reserve the right to change the contest!

Check out the Sales Price

View attachment 18744 Paul for making this Happen at Tampa
View attachment 18744
Thanks to all who help us Achieve this great thing for someone who really needs it.​


I guess put me in for the next contest as I did not get on the grid for this one.
2011-03-13_07-47-38_155.jpg Thanks so much for the opportunity to win Paul...


How does the grid work, never seen that before

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How does the grid work, never seen that before

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Hahaha!!! I'm not alone?? Do we have to post the winning score #'s and if so where??


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Paul I want that gun you have on your roof cleaning pump video.. I didnt see it on your website. I use a 1/2 ball valve now and have to use 2 hands to turn it on and off. Like the idea of one hand control. I use the 4 way nozzle as well.

Never mind, found it on your website paul, thanks.
Ok,,, Talked to Ron.
Gonna use mine for an example: On the line where my name is we have the Giants ending in a score of 3. The Packers are on the line ending in 1.

If the last #'s 3 or 1 are in the final score under the right team, I win. The score could be 23 to 41 and I win. It could be 1063 to 781 and I win.

For example: Steve Hill... Both teams scores would have to end in 5 for him to win. ---25-45 He wins...

Hope this helps.


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(Oops, didn't enter prior to Larry's response.)

I ASSUME the final score of the ball game decides the winner. For example: if the Pack beats the Giants 21-17 then Doug Rucker would be the winner (last digit counts: 1 for the Packers and 7 for the Giants). Very cool and thanks again Paul!!!!