Concrete damage.

Hey Greg, if it's truly scarred, in,..physical damage,..I can't imagine there's much that can be done to fix it by further cleaning? May look better though removing all the grime and evening it out.

*Sometimes it sucks doing work after someone else caused damage. Then anyone seeing you work there thinks you did it,..that's how many people put two and two together.

**I did a gym once and it had blue cloth awnings, their handyman used a zero nozzle and left "Zoro" marks all over them,..didn't get them clean at all. I cleaned them and even tried to work the marks out,..but they were too pronounced and didn't want to risk further damage by digging into the material that way. So now, on a drive by,..they are noticeable,..and I was there last. Hate that,..and it's also something I see alot on my travels. We did it before they opened, BUT,..there is a very busy convenience store right across the street,...and many people know me and my business,..and seen us there,...It's actually coming together as of late though,..but still.....

***Like painters who follow behind the homeowner who was really sloppy and got paint all over everything,..especially if they painted trim work around brick,..or the driveway sealing guy who follows behind the last guy who got it all over the siding and concrete,...

Just the way it is though.

Hi Jeff,
Maybe scarring is the wrong word to have used and I know it is hard to tell from the photos but what has gone on is that someone has used a wand and some places a turbo wand and removed the cream unevenly from the surface.
What we have done is come along and removed the rest of the cream, evening out the look of the concrete.
It is not the first time we have been called into sort this out and I can't imagine that it will be the last.
Thanks for your thoughts
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Funny you should say that as they have asked me if i could clean another 5 centres that they manage.

No quote, just clean them and send them the bill, love working like that.

Those are the best!!!