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You know those plastic hand pumps for transferring chems out of barrels with the red caps that don't last?? Well I have like 8 sitting around that stopped working so I'm curious if anybody knows how to fix them. both flappers seem to be moving so I wonder if they get pinholes or salt build up or what. I couldn't figure out how to disassemble them.


Most of the time the hoses go bad for me and I cannot find anyone that has hoses that will fit them since one end is flared that goes on the pump with that red ring that holds it there. I looked all over on the pump and could not find the holes the few times the pump itself stopped working. If you keep them out of the sun and flush them out I can get a year out of them but if I don't flush them out then 3 to 6 months out of each one. It would be nice if we could be replacement hoses for them. I tried all kinds of hoses but none lasted or worked like the original. You might have someone help you put air into one end and close off the other and you might find the hole in it but be careful.

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I will never use them again. Went to siphon some sh into a jug to xjet, and pure sh sprayed directly into my eye from a crack in one of the plastic ribs.


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This past season I used a 12V 5 GPM Seaflo pump for transferring. I made a wooden box that holds the pump along with it's own battery. (Just a small wheelchair battery is needed) I soldered a plug on the battery and it comes out the back of the box,..and that plug corresponds with one I have tied onto my regular 12V car charger. I just plug it in to charge,..the same as I do for the hand held 12V spot sprayers.

I also mounted another little 1 GPM pump on top of this box and is also wired to the battery with a switch,..I use this little pump for filling one gallon jugs for the small 12V sprayers.

These Seaflo pumps actually work pretty well and are cheap.

*The Orange head Seaflos will not hold up to acid,Ha,Ha.



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